A few minutes ago, Jerry and I sat in our car in the San Bernardino Camping World parking lot when we felt a strong jolt.

Someone hit our car, I thought, and as I turned around to look behind us, as Jerry did also, we saw there were no other cars close to us. We looked quizzically at each other.

Our car was now shaking, and one of us said–can’t remember who spoke first–“We’re having an earthquake.” Flag poles and business signs were weaving, and it was as though our car was positioned on a large boat that was moving through turbid water. The rolling motion lasted 30 to 40 seconds, I am estimating.

We changed the radio station to a Los Angeles station–KNX, and yes, there had been a moderately severe earthquake, with a Richter reading of 5.8. The epicenter was Chino Hills which is about 30 miles from where Jerry I sat. Persons in cities as far removed as San Diego and Las Vegas have reported feeling the quake.

There have been three aftershocks and telephone service in the Los Angeles area is disruped. It seems fine here.


23 thoughts on “Earthquake!

  1. Glad you two are okay. I truly miss living in San Diego… most days. This would not be one of them. 🙂 Seriously though, I’m thanking God that you and everyone else I have talked to so far are okay.


  2. Jean W

    Sis Buxton…I too felt the shake, rattle, and roll.
    I am a phone receptionist at a Sporting Goods Store in Upland. The quake shook our Store!The girl sitting next to me dove under the desk she was at and I followed diving under mine. Thankfully my desk is large enough to accomodate me. It kept going and going. I think this one shook me more than others that I have experienced over the years. After the shaking finally stopped I went downstairs to step outside where I gathered myself a bit more and talked with customers coming into the store. They felt the quake in their car, and had the same reaction as you described. Thankfully I have not felt any of the aftershocks. Glad you are all safe even though a bit shaken.
    love you


  3. 😀 Sis. Buxton, I had to chuckle at Michael’s comment. I don’t know if my reaction was politically correct, but his comment is a bit humorous.

    I’m glad that y’all are okay. I heard the news reporting the earthquake at work yesterday and they stated that something like 42 aftershocks had been felt. Wow! That seemed like alot, although, I don’t know much about earthquakes.

    I’ve been in too many tornadoes but never an earthquake. I could imagine that it is a weird feeling. There seems to be an odd feeling in the air when God starts doing his thing.

    Love ya all….


  4. Jana

    Like Sis. Saiz wrote on her blog, my daughter, Marissa, feels she, a native born Californian, will NEVER feel nonchalant about earthquakes. We were still “shaking” with nerves at least 20-30 minutes after the earthquake hit. We were in a store and it was quite scary!! Glad you and Bro. Buxton “rode” the tempest safely!


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  6. Our car was now shaking, and one of us said–can’t remember who spoke first–”We’re having an earthquake.” Flag poles and business signs were weaving, and it was as though our car was positioned on a large boat that was moving through turbid water.


  7. Quite an experience! I wrote about my experience on our blog. I was in one right after we got married, it was very light. . . but this one was a lot more of a shaking!! Glad everyone is ok!!! See you next week!


  8. pat keyes

    Bro and Sis Buxton,

    So glad you are ok. Just don’t bring any of that activity here to campmeeting. I don’t like earthquakes. looking forward to seeing you here sis keyes


  9. dean

    Yes, with the others I am glad you are ok. Nothing like that feeling. Moving and not intending to!!
    I would rather have the humidity anyday!


  10. There is no feeling, like the feeling, when dear old Mother Earth starts to moving under our feet.

    Glad to hear that none of you were hurt.

    Thank the Lord!



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