State Capitol of Nevada


Peek of the Nevada Capitol, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

In Carson City, as Jerry and I walked down the street toward the Capitol, we first caught sight of the splendid dome through a framing of trees. The city is a lovely one, set at 5000 feet, and less than half an hour’s drive from Lake Tahoe. The valleyed city gives to broad meadows, run against high mountains that in the winter are snow-drenched and provide some of the country’s finest skiing.

As we approached the capitol building, a gentleman was lowering both the American and the Nevada flag, and when Jerry inquired of the tour hours, he was told the building had just closed. We were a trifle disappointed, but spent most of an hour walking around the building and through the gardens. I was entranced by the many arches, and the shadows cast by the late afternoon light.

There were numerous flower beds, and once as I stood gazing, a bird flew by and lighted on a fluttering, lacy tree. Feathery vines had wrapped selected arches, and they were so attractive, I snapped scores of times.

Pair of Arches by you.

Is that not most splendid!

Capitol Arch and Green Lacy Leaves by you.

…and one more…can’t help myself.

Shadowed Arch by you.

6 thoughts on “State Capitol of Nevada

  1. Shirley, I almost never take pictures. I leave it to my husband. But I have seen thousands of pictures he has taken and know how to evaluate the composition and content of pictures. I know what depth of field is and why photographers vary it.

    The advantage of digital over film is cost. You can snap one photo or take 50 and increase your chances of having the perfect shot. You lose no time in development. And do you really need a print of everything you enjoyed taking a photo of?

    Working with black and white photos on film in a dark room can produce some breath-taking results. Both have their place. Someone should take black and white shots of every wedding. We have no idea how long these digital photos will last.

    I’ve enjoyed photography most of my life, but in a very amateur way. I’ve never engaged in dark room processes.

    Love digital.


  2. Great photos and commentary. I wish I could take photos and use my words as beautifully as you do!

    Mike, thanks for the compliments. If you stood in those spots with my camera in your hand, you too would take such photos. My camera is an entry level SLR camera, a Nikon D50. It’s a joy to own. You just can’t take good pictures without a good camera. It’s worth the splurge!


  3. These are beautiful. I am planning my first visit on campus to Southern Methodist University tomorrow to buy my books and I am looking forward to taking some pics of the historical buildings. Your pictures have inspired me! When I went to Morocco and Paris last summer I took over 1300 pictures. I would have never been able to do that (economically) without having digital!


  4. Thank you, Helen. Those arches and shadows were captivating, and I was snapping like crazy. I much prefer a digital over a film camera because of the convenience–see them at the moment–and that there are no developing and printing charges.

    When I shot film, I never would have taken so many…but with digital, one is limited only by the size of the card. Neat, huh

    Do you take pictures at all…or do you leave it up to hubby?


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