A Face of Love


Sometimes I read of challenges so tough and love so beautiful and determination so fierce, that all I can do–as I did in this instance–is sit with tears spilling down my face. My emotions are quite overcome; my heart is a lump.

Such accounts shame me; I should never complain again. 

Click on this link to learn more.

Mommy and JulianaThe doctor told us that we needed to make a decision as to whether or not we were going to continue the pregnancy. JulianaThom and I looked at each other, then quickly back at the doctor. We both said there was no decision to be made. This is our child no matter what …     

Click here to read about love, faith, and a little girl named Juliana.

5 thoughts on “A Face of Love

  1. Indira

    I have only just discovered Juliana’s story. She is a brave little girl. Her photos reveal such a strong spirit! And what phenomenal parents! I was so shocked when I came across Juliana’s photo. I am disappointed with my reaction and my prejudice. When I read more, I realized how much there is to learn from this family.


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