Replete with Party

This Fernando Botero painting is not my favored art style, but his exaggerated sense of scale serves to express my state of glut and satiation; my joy and frivolity. My party cup runneth over.

Personally, I’ve thanked my family many times. I want to thank you too for your contributions–for all the sweet and complimentary remarks, for your good wishes, and for taking the time to even consider my 70th birthday party. The party could not have been better…well, maybe… if every one of you had been there with us in San Diego’s beautiful Balboa Park. 

I’ve decided. You’re all invited to my 80th birthday party. My kids will throw it, we’ll have it in the same spot, but with a couple more tents, extra steaks and a bigger cake. Mark it in your calendar, and go ahead and start sending your RSVPs to Rebecca. Won’t she be surprised! 🙂


My devotional blog is here.


6 thoughts on “Replete with Party

  1. The excitement is building. I’m tempted to call my 80th party early, but I do hate to lose any of those ten years.

    I must check to see if Rebecca is updating her list from this site. 🙂


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