“Hi, I’m Your Daddy.”

“Hi, I’m your daddy.” Those very words–or words quite similar–millions of times over, have surely been said around the world. But never has such a sentence been uttered in just this way. For while proud papa Michael Cintron was 6000 miles away in Iraq, his baby was born in Brooklyn, and it was through the latest technology that this dad could see and speak to his newborn son.

“Look your nose is squishy,” Daddy gushed…and “Look! He’s looking at me.”

Proud papa  Marine Lance Cpl. Michael Cintron via Webcam watched as his son, by Cesarean section, was lifted from his mother’s body. Michael actually got a good look at baby Michael James before Jeannie Cintron did. Immediately after his birth, the enthusiastic and empathetic hospital staff turned the little tyke toward the camera so Daddy could have a superior view.

In a remarkable four-hour Web cast from a maternity ward at Maimonides Medical Center, mom Jeannine Cintron‘s delivery of son Michael James Cintron was beamed clear across ocean and land to his 26-year-old father in Iraq.

More from the Daily News here.

I honor this family and thank them for their unique contributions to the safety and welfare of our country. I do wish them well.

It would be neat if either on my blog or someone else’s all of you would take the time to write a note of congratulations to the Cintron family.


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8 thoughts on ““Hi, I’m Your Daddy.”

  1. dean

    Congrats!! May the Lord be with you,hope it wont be too long till you are able to hold that new son. Thanks for your being on the wall. Peace


  2. Congratulations to this family who is making a huge sacrifice so that you and I can enjoy this wonderful land in which we live. What a wonderful thing, that he was able to see the birth of his child. Bless them all as they deal with being away from each other right now.


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