National Guard Deployed to Fight California Fires

Twilight when we left gave to pitch. Through the night we drove, heading from Arizona to California, and then the moon rose.

“Shirley, look at the moon. It’s red.”

We gazed at the strange sphere and Jerry offered, “Do you suppose it’s caused by the fires?”

Not exactly was the moon red last night, but it was discolored and with a gauzy appearance. Our state is ravaged now by hundreds of out-of-control fires. It is of such consequence and concern that the National Guard has been called in; the first time  in 30 years.

Mirander, a 27-year-old student, left behind her husband and a 7-year-old stepson in Riverside to spend one month working 12-hour days battling the flames.

“It’s pretty awesome,” she said of working alongside other troops. “We really stand by each other.”

The first wave of 200 troops took their places Wednesday, providing “a breath of fresh air” to crews on the ground, said Dan Burns, an assistant fire chief who was helping integrate the Guard into the firefighting effort.

“It’ll really relieve a lot of pressure out there,” Burns said. “The state got hit by so many fires at once — we couldn’t staff them all.”

Because this fire season started so early, the firefighting conditions have been among the worst in memory, even among longtime crews, said Terence McHale, policy director for CDF Firefighters of Cal Fire, the union representing the firefighters.

Fox News

Here from Adam Housley’s blog is a video link depicting one of the fires.

Please continue to pray for the thousands who have been evacuated and for our fire personnel who are exhausted and stretched to their limits.


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4 thoughts on “National Guard Deployed to Fight California Fires

  1. I have been thinking that I’m really tired of all the smoke. We can’t even see our beautiful hills around us right now. We do need God’s intervention indeed. 🙂

    Ronda, it must be awful up that way. I read a few minutes ago that our governor has asked President Bush for more help. Our state is devastated with these fires.

    I’m sincerely praying that God will give us some relief.


  2. We sit between two of the larger fires, the Big Sur and Santa Barbara ones. We live 1-1/2 hrs and 1 hr respectively from each. Our area is always having smoke haze until or if the fog rolls in. And even with the distance away from the fires, there is the smell of burning wood (you keep thinking someone is using their fireplace).

    Good morning, Karen.

    These fires are so frightening…and devastating. Do be safe.


  3. My sis was driving from Sacramento to San Francisco two days ago. She said, “Imagine the foggiest day you can think of. Then imagine driving through the mountains. THEN imagine that it’s not fog, but smoke.”

    I asked her to please get off the phone then, and pay attention to driving.

    God bless them all who are fighting fires.

    btw, if the moon was low in the horizon, that is why it’s read, because you saw it through a thick slice of atmosphere. If it wasn’t low, then …. well… I’ve got nothin’. 🙂

    Hope your sis stays safe. I so admire our firefighters who battle so fiercely against these fire storms.


  4. Sis. Buxton, is there any end in sight? The fires are terrible! I will pray for all involved. Love you!

    Good morning, Linda.

    The fires continue to rage, but around us here in the south we are in no immediate danger. Most of the fires this year are in the north and along the central coast. It’s just awful.

    While I’m so grateful to be spared myself, I do feel for those thousands who have been evacuated and those who have lost their homes.

    Thank you for praying. We do need God’s intervention.


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