Holiday Trip of the Day

Success! It was Saturday when he tried for the third time. Kent Couch “flew” from Bend Oregon and landed in a farm field near Cambridge, Idaho. The model of his plane?  A lawn chair rigged with helium-filled party balloons.

“My wife works at the City Market,” said a gentleman named Hetz. “She called and said, `The balloon guy in the lawn chair just flew by the market and if you look out the door you can see him.

“We go outside to look and lo and behold there he is. He’s probably flying by at 100 to 200 feet off  the ground.” He had covered about 235 miles in nine hours.  File picture. More here…

5 thoughts on “Holiday Trip of the Day

  1. pat keyes

    Sis Buxton,
    That is quite a story. But I am not that adventurous. I’m sure the view was awesome, but I will take my chances in a plane.

    I agree one hundred percent. Does look like fun, though.


  2. Now, Jen. If you take on a great moment of bravery, please let me know. I’ll get someone to take me up in a plane, and I promise stunning pictures of your excursion.

    Be well….


  3. Adventurous to the max. ..made for some beautiful pictures…and lots of fun.

    I’m considered an adventurous person, but you’ll not find me lining up for a flying lawn chair excursion.


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