Chugging to the Grand Canyon


 Today is our anniversary, Jerry and I, and we are off  to see again the majestic Grand Canyon. God has blessed us with 52 wonderful years together and we’re both excited about our little trip.

W’re leaving Lake Havasu at 6:30 heading for Williams, AZ which is about 160 miles away. There we will board a train for a rail journey of a little more than two hours, our destination being the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We will spend the night in a lodge there, and around 3:00 on Saturday will reboard for the return trip to Williams. Sounds like fun, huh?

One of the web sites describes the trip in this way:

Grand Canyon Railway TrainStep aboard Grand Canyon Railway for a trip to the Majestic Grand Canyon you’ll never forget. Feel the rumble of a vintage train as the engine chugs 65 miles across beautiful Northern Arizona countryside. The train offers kaleidoscopic views of the San Francisco Peaks and rolls through valleys adorned in wild flowers, dense pine forest, high desert plains and small canyons.

The excitement begins at the historic 1908 Williams Depot. Before the train departs you can enjoy a wild west shootout featuring the Cataract Creek Gang in an outdoor theater, visit the free railroad museum or browse through the gift shops.

Conductor of the Grand Canyon RailwayOn hearing the train whistle pierce the fresh morning air, beckoning passengers for a trip, a vintage steam engine pulls the train from Memorial Day through September 30. (A vintage diesel engine does the job the remainder of the year.) Uniformed coach attendants provide you with white-gloved courtesy and service. Aboard the train, enjoy the tunes of strolling musicians who conduct sing-a-longs, an old west train robbery and the antics of western characters as they recreate train travel as it was in 1901.

The train arrives at the historic 1910 Grand Canyon Depot. It is among three remaining log depots still in operation in the United States. Buildings like the El Tovar Hotel, Hopi House and Bright Angel Lodge salute arriving guests as they pull into the station and disembark from the train. Set unobtrusively among the landscape, Grand Canyon Village gives no hint of the majesty that lay beyond.


I’ll be taking lots of pictures and when we return will tell of our great adventures.


27 thoughts on “Chugging to the Grand Canyon

  1. ric

    Happy Birthday Canyon
    I have a 18×23 1910 picture in it original frame and glass
    It is sign with the stamp Putnam Valentine
    It was taken from Hope Point
    It is 100 years old in 2010
    If intereted eme at address above


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  10. Jana

    WOW!!! How wonderful to have had such a wonderful life together for 52 years! Mark and I have just celebrated our 15th anniversary and are looking forward to reaching the same milestone you have reached! Have fun at the Grand Canyon! Love ya both,


  11. Jean Walter

    You both deserve the best! Happy Anniversary!
    Enjoy your time together as you view GOD’S GREAT BEAUTY!…love you both…


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