Hypocritical: deceitful, deceptive, dishonest, insincere, pretending, two-faced.

Not at this moment wanting to designate anyone by an unsavory name, I’ll just give you the information and let you wisely make the call. I’ve listed already the definition. The next paragraph is a report of some of Mr. Al Gore’s activities. Any thoughts, you astute discerning readers of mine?

A year after the Tennessee Center for Policy Research exposed Gore’s prodigious personal use of electricity at his Nashville mansion (20 times the national average), the center reported this week that Gore’s personal electricity consumption during the past year actually increased by 10 percent.

So while he campaigns for Americans to curtail their electricity use — you should take cold showers, forego air conditioning and dry your clothes on a clothesline — Gore is plugging in and turning on more than ever.

more here by Stephen Malloy



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4 thoughts on “Hypocritical

  1. I have made this comment before with reference to Mr. Gore, “Mr. Gore is the High Priest of the Church of The Global Warming.” Along with all appearance of one of those has a banner, “Do as I say. NOT as I do!”

    I am not judging Mr. Gore his actions have completed this for me, and those who observe him!



  2. renaissanceguy

    I wrote about it, too.

    I propose that we all just keep using our own modest amount of electricity until Al Gore lowers his below the amount of the average American.


  3. Marge

    Is this about Al Gore’s energy consumption, or more about finding dirt on someone who supports a certain presidential candidate? Hypocritical? Please refer to above definition…


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