117 in Lake Havasu Today

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In a good natured way, Jerry says, “None of the preachers in Lake Havasu preach against hell.”

Quizzically, people wait for him to answer the obvious question: “Why?”

“Because they’re not afraid of it,” he finishes with a grin.

It’s a bit after 5:00 in the evening this Saturday. The temperature is 116. Actually we’re having a heat wave all over the west. In our beautiful, generally cool Crestline which sets at 5000 feet in San Bernardino mountains, the high yesterday was 93.

Hope it’s cool where you are.


8 thoughts on “117 in Lake Havasu Today

  1. Rub it in, Jr.

    95 in Texas, Rochelle is hot…as you know. I think we can allow a complaint or two.

    HG–Ugh is right.

    Dean, you win. That much humidity at 99 degrees is almost unbearable.

    Jana–I read that Santa Maria hit 110 yesterday.

    To you who don’t know Santa Maria:

    On the central coast of California lies beautiful Santa Maria where every summer many of us attend a church camp. Often it is very cold, so that we take heavy jackets to that camp.

    110 yesterday.

    California is an inferno…global warming for sure!

    Oh, I forgot, though. Mike just went up to his place in Montana, where week before last it snowed!


  2. Today we hit 110. Brian and Bryce were working on asphalt and it reached 119. My sister told me Morro Bay hit 107. THAT is unheard of! Nearly all homes on the central coast do not have air conditioning. I hope everyone stays safe during this heat wave.


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