…annnd we have winners

As soon as I saw the excellent contributions coming in I knew there must be awards. Over the past couple of days it has rankled me that I couldn’t think of appropriate trophies to give to those whose “chicken crossing muses” are the finest. Now that I have, it amazes me that I didn’t think of the prizes sooner. At least I should have thought of them by yesterday.

For the prizes are: I AM NAMING MY FOUR BABY ROBINS AFTER YOU. That’s right, using a mirror, we have determined there are at least three babies, likely four, they need names, and your highly desirable prize is that one of these beautiful little babies will forever bear your name.

Here goes:

Number 1 Renaissance Guy

Rev. Jeremiah Wright

That chicken crossed the road because it was one of America’s chickens coming home to roost.

Our first robin is therefore a little boy who bears the impressive name of …well, we’ll spare him trouble learning to write his name, and just call him GUY

Number 2 Goodbear

Michelle Obama

“For the first time in my adult life….I’m proud of that chicken”

So our second robin baby is also a boy, and his name is GOODBEAR.

Number 3 EVE


If the chicken demands to go to the other side, go with it twice.

A beautiful baby girl in the nest on my deck is now named EVE.

Number 4 and 5 ESTHER and CAROL

I had to declare a tie here for I don’t believe there are five babies in the nest.


Doubting Thomas

Unless I touch the chicken and feel his feathers I won’t beleive it was a chicken that crossed the road.


Frank Sinatra

The chicken crossed the road because (music please) “he did it his way.”

So baby number 4 is also a girl with the beautiful name of CAROL ESTHER.

Don’t be hurt if I didn’t select your entry for a prize. That’s all the baby robins I have, but if it turns out there is a 6th baby, I will select one more winner.

Contributions are still solicited for the chicken list. 🙂


My devotional blog is here.

6 thoughts on “…annnd we have winners

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  2. Esther

    Thanks for the prize Sis. Buxton. However I think the following couple were the best.
    Dick Cheney: “Where’s my gun?” This is so “Mississippi”. Everyone hunts here. Well, except for me and Papa. The other one that I really liked was Shawnna’s. “I’ll be back”. Too funny.


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