Babies in the Nest!

First thing I did after unlocking the front door on our home here in Crestline a few minutes ago was to walk to the study, pull open the blinds, open the slider and look. I thought I saw movement in the nest, then yes! there was a wide-open beak extended upward. Our babies have hatched. Here and here I also wrote about them and posted pictures.

Within the next few hours, I will be setting up pictures and telling you all about the new arrivals.

4 thoughts on “Babies in the Nest!

  1. Hi Sister Buxton,

    I’m as excited about your baby birds as I am about ours here in Oakley. I will try and post a few pictures soon. Today I noticed one of the little birds in the nest by itself. I am assuming mama took the other baby for a flight lesson. A few hours later they were all reunited.

    P.S. Dean, I heard you liked doves, but there’s no hunting on my front porch! šŸ™‚

    Carol, you’re right to be wary of Dean for he loves to eat doves…and truth be known, chickens. Indeed as I think about it, that chicken was probably running across the road because Dean was fast gaining on him–skillet in hand.


  2. Ohhhh….. I wish so bad we could be there to see them! The kids would love that! Love you….please post lots of pics!

    I’m just dying for all my grandkids to be here to see the baby birds. They’re very lively and both the mom and dad fly into the nest often. The nestlings appear to eat almost constantly.

    I’m trying to get good pictures, but don’t believe I will get any spectacular ones because of the angle. I’m wishing I could be above the nest to see the mom put the food in the babies mouths, but the umbrella is over the nest, so I can’t do that.

    I really can’t even be level, unless I climb on a ladder or on top of the patio table. I’m trying to be cautious though, for the mom and dad are a little wary of me, and I don’t want to worry them too much.


  3. dean

    Cool!! And life goes on…..

    Hi Dean. I get amazed at myself sometimes that I get so excited over the simplest matters. I don’t believe I have ever before had the opportunity to watch the building of a nest and then see the babies that have hatched, and it just excites me.

    I think there are three babies, know for sure there are two.


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