Barack Obama Releases His Birth Certificate

Helen informed me of this release, and from The Daily KOS I bring this image.

I can’t imagine any reason why Mr. Obama did not release this certificate when first asked.


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7 thoughts on “Barack Obama Releases His Birth Certificate

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  2. paddledog

    Does it bother you that there is no impressed seal?
    The font used didn’t exist in ’61
    The dates are the only thing in small letters.
    This isn’t even a good fake.


  3. Marge: There is nothing scary about a black man being president. As far as the alien part, of course we would not want a person as president who did not meet the qualifications of a citizen. It would have been helpful if Mr. Obama would have immediately released his birth certificate when asked.

    The producing of a birth certificate was also asked of Mr. McCain. There is nothing strange about the request for either one of them.

    Kathryn: With some exceptions, I believe you are right. Very sad.


  4. Kathryn

    I think Barack Obama is a politician first and foremost. I am not into all of the party hype because I have seen no evidence that either party is here to serve the people first.


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