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Did Press Bias Affect the Democratic Primary?

Up for several days now over at Significant Pursuit is an interesting post and discussion in which Renaissance Guy asks these questions:

WIth Hillary Clinton about to bow out of the presidential race, I wonder. . .

Does it really mean that sexists have sided with Obama to defeat a woman?

Does it really mean that Americans hate women?

Does it mean that race trumps gender in identity politics?

I’d like to raise the issue of press coverage affecting the outcome of the Democratic Primary race. Often I’ve heard the thought voiced that the press demonstrated a definite bias toward Barack Obama during the campaign. I’m interested to hear your opinion about this.

It’s engaging to note that at times the backers of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton believed the press to be biased against them.

From the Kansas City Star

Backers of Sen. Barack Obama believe that when things are going well, press coverage has been fair. When things go off the rails (see Rev. Jeremiah Wright and “cling to guns or religion”), the press has been biased.

The same is true over in Hillaryland.

When Sen. Clinton is up, supporters believe that press coverage has been straight down the middle. When she’s stumbling, they think she’s getting beat up.

That’s the conclusion of a new survey by the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania.

…and your conclusion is?


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By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 83 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

17 replies on “Did Press Bias Affect the Democratic Primary?”

Sean Wilentz is an excellent historian. His first book, Chants Democratic, is my favorite. I didn’t see his interview, but he seems like a pragmatic man.

The media bias has been absurd. Last night Keith Olbermann called Katie Couric “The Worst Person in the World” because she dared to suggest that some coverage of the campaign had been sexist. (She did not say, as some reported, that Hillary lost because of sexism.) Naturally Olbermann’s rant made me want to see what Katie Couric actually said and sounded very truthful to me.

There is a cult of personality around Obama I don’t personally understand, but the media can really milk it. In the end, I think this will hurt him, because he appears to be, as so many people have said, “an empty suit.” Perhaps if the media pushed him to take positions and answer questions, he could make a case. As it is, the only person I hear making substantive statements is McCain. I don’t agree with McCain, but I am not going to vote for Obama with nothing in hand. I can cast votes for everyone but president. I am not an automaton.


Citizenswell, I took a look at your blog, what a disgrace! Dangerous, ignorant views like yours should not be tolerated or publicized, in any way, shape or form.


Bravo, EG!
However I get the feeling pro-Obama views are not as welcomed on this blog. Hmmm I might be wrong…Shirley?

Go ahead, Terry. I’m interested in others’ opinions.


Sorry Citizenswell, your views are simply based on racism and misinformation.
Like it or not a black man (yes, I dare say it) will likely be elected the next president of the United States BECAUSE he is the best person for the job. What’s more remarkable is that he will accomplish this despite all the unfounded propaganda dished out against him.
And, no, I don’t wish to comment on anything specific about your website, as nothing about it is worth repeating.


By the way, I have never been a Hillary supporter, but I am ok with Hillary or McCain.
Obama must not be elected.
No hate, just reality.


What I am about to ask will be a challenge for you, since you are an Obama supporter.
Will you be just a little specific?
I am reporting facts and allegations about Obama.
There is no hate involved on my part.
Do you have a fact based response to anything on my blog or are you repeating the party line?
There are many facts, court records and other well documented facts about Obama that scare the hell out of me and many others.
If you have something of substance to provide, please do so.


There is a difference between judging and evaluating. The German people were mesmerized by the speeches of Adolf Hitler and did not bother to evaluate him. The same thing is going on with Obama.
And don’t forget righteous indignation. Jesus did overturn the table of the money changers.


Every political season will find the candidates being bruised by the media, however I felt there was some unfair statements in regards to Hillary. There were several occasions where she was called on to give up her campaign, suggestions she should concede, and comments that she was being greatly beat. These reports were early in the campaign when her popular vote was higher than Obama’s and when there was still a great possibility she could win. This bothered me. It’s one thing to report factual happenings, even if they are negative, but quite another thing to send a message of “loser” when the person has not lost. Maybe it was because she is a woman. I don’t know, but I did feel she was treated unfairly by the media.


I agree with Helen and I also believe Obama’s success has little to do with “media bias”, after all the man had more than his fair share of negative press, and he still came out on top. These are exciting times, times for change. Let’s embrace and celebrate it.


Bill, What’s this “this Obama character” stuff? And, if you are a Christian, what on earth gives you the right to judge anther Christian (Barack Obama) in this manner? So the press supports a charismatic man. Exactly what have we been fooled by?


The Reverend James Manning has a new video out.
He is stating what I have written about in several of my articles.
If you are an Obama supporter, do you have the moral compass
to watch?

Thanks for being here, Citizen Wells. Hope you return often.

Can you provide a link either to your site where you have written the articles, or to Rev. Manning’s video?


Hi Shirley,
I was thinking a lot about this very thing this morning.
I really am convinced that the mainstream press got behind this guy right after Iowa. I still don’t really know why, but I don’t attribute it to the sexism as much as just pure unadulterated infatuation. This Obama character is so much like the false prophets described in the Bible, especially over and over by Paul.
It just shows us how quickly and decisively we as Christians can be fooled. Not that the Republicans have my vote, I am still completely undecided.
By the way, do you ever get trolls following you around? I finally had to put limits on the comments due to some freak show!

Hi, Bill. No, I don’t get trolls. (You must be special.)

Are you saying you will consider voting for a Democrat over a Republican?…or are you thinking Independent?


It depends what channel you watch. MSNBC has been so kick—- to Obama it is sickening. I watched a You-tube video that put together segments from Matthews, Olbermann, et al and it was vile. There were comments like Clinton “should be taken behind the barn.” That isn’t just bias; it is hateful. At the same time, Fox is clearly biased against any Democrat and played Wright for all he was worth.

Hi! Welcome to my blog. Hope you’re here often.

Just before I read your post here, I had heard the following. Interesting.

Presidential historian Sean Wilentz—who’s also a New Republic contributing editor, Bob Dylan enthusiast, and prominent Clinton backer—talked to MarketWatch about campaign coverage.

And like many Clinton supporters these days, he didn’t shower praise on CNN or MSNBC.

[Wilentz] said the best coverage by far came from the Fox News Channel. Wilentz observed that Karl Rove, contributor to Fox News and architect of Bush’s two successful presidential campaigns, among others, had sounded “very, very knowledgeable.”

“What it showed is that the reporting of politics doesn’t have to be bad,” Wilentz said. “If you respect your audience without a partisan imperative, then you can have some sophisticated reporting.”


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