Scan the Bod in Las Vegas

Whoa…now. Las Vegas, my airport of choice when we’re in Lake Havasu, is one of those who sometime this month will have a full body scanning machine in operation. Not designated to have such a one yet is Ontario, the closest airport to Crestline, but Los Angeles is reported to have a fine model already in place.

The complete USA article is here.

Our challenged world is changing so rapidly that sometimes I’m convinced I hear my head whirling. Occasionally I have a fleeting thought that, as one lifts the edge of a blanket, so the edge of the future has been lifted and somehow we have been prematurely pitched there. Computers clack, telephones ring and chatter and play music and talk, our cars tell us when to turn and where to turn around when we’ve missed the block, Ipods pod, modems mode, wifis wi, automatic beds roust us out in the morning, and the refrigerator sends out a grocery list for its bare shelves.

We cherish Blackberries, Google reminds us of appointments, we speak frequently of trillions…the dow plunges, oil soars, and now, in the airport, they’re scanning our fragile bodies…even our not so fragile ones.

Full body scans. What do you think of this? Are you comfortable with this action being taken, or will you refuse? What of our national security, for is this not the underlying reason for such scrutiny?

But what of privacy? How much do we give up in order to be safe?


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6 thoughts on “Scan the Bod in Las Vegas

  1. Hmmm. I think I’d pick a different airport…I don’t know if I could go through a full body scan!

    One nice thing about the Bay Area is that you can choose either San Francisco or Oakland. I suspect, though, that both of them will eventually utilize full body scans.


  2. dean

    No, as usual I dont verbalize clearly. we do need xraying, patdowns,etc. I am in agreement, we can never have another 9/11. I am angered to see some forget what Obama did. I merely question the entire flying public being subjected to full body scans.


  3. dean

    The way I look at it….If someone is getting paid to do a job, look at full body scan images, they better not laugh! Or enjoy it, in any way. What about the 90 year old grandma? Profiling aside, what a waste of xray stuff. Not to mention the manpower necessary to make sure she isnt a threat to the public. Thump!! I am off the soap box now!

    So, you don’t think we need this, Dean.

    I’m not sure we don’t need it, although I personally don’t like the idea of my body being scanned. It frightens me to think of weapons and bombs being concealed on passenger’s bodies who board the same plane that I do. 9/11 was a very real, horrific thing. We can’t afford another one.

    Lots of questions in our world today. Not enough answers.


  4. I would be in the 4% that refused and they would have to pat me down. Do you think I believe those pics are immediately deleted?!?!? If there is one hint of suspicion, that picture will not be deleted. This has the potential for scandal, too. Can you imagine a celebrity who is scanned and somehow the scan is made public? Somebody would make a ton of money and then there would be lawsuits. Or how about airport employees who want to ogle someone’s body? It will happen. 9/11 raised our need for tighter security, but this is just too much for me.

    I think I’ll go for the pat-down too.

    It surprises me that as few as 4 % objected to the full body scan.


  5. Esther

    Well, if the scanner persons want to have the best laugh of the day, go ahead and scan me. That will probably cause them to turn the machine off. Ha!

    I’m going to peek.


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