No Kidding, Flying Carpet Offsets Escalating Gasoline Price

In case you’re out this weekend trying to find a way around the escalating gasoline prices–thinking of a motorcycle, a bicycle, a hybrid car or such–don’t forget to stop in your local carpet store and take a look at what they might have to offer.

Aladdin on his flying carpet in the Disney film

A carpet that can fly? Oh yes it could, says Roger Highfield

A rippling magic carpet that can fly through the air is a theoretical possibility, according to a professor.

Although he has only succeeded in showing that flying is practical for a bank note sized carpet, Prof Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and his co-workers believe that one capable of ferrying a person is far from being a pantomime fantasy.

His claims, published in the journal Physical Review Letters, come just in time for productions of Aladdin and arise from working out the aerodynamics of a flexible, rippling sheet moving through a fluid, such as air. The conclusion is that it should be possible to make one that will stay aloft.

Read all about it here. Who knows? Maybe you could order one online…that is if they have the right color in stock. 🙂

9 thoughts on “No Kidding, Flying Carpet Offsets Escalating Gasoline Price

  1. LOL
    You just about have me convinced. Bryn and I will only travel on pink. Is pink in stock? Also, we need tunes because we both love to sing. How about adding XM satellite radio?

    Pink is a big seller right now. XM is standard. You can listen to all the music channels, 164 for Old Time Radio or 166 for Sean Hannity and all the other right wingers. Not sure the numbers of the children’s channels, but they’ll be there for Bryn. What a smart decision you are making.


  2. hahahaaha we (me and hubs) saw something on discovery one night..and wonder how hard it is to learn.. LOL 😯

    Not hard at all, my dear. Personal rug-flying instructions come with each unit.


  3. What about cocktail tables? If it doesn’t have cup holders, we have to have SOMETHING!

    A nice Axeminster with a butler tray table would do nicely, thanks.

    Axminsters are available only through special orders, and I believe the only ones available with butler trays are those that come with a staff, ordered through the Palm Springs showroom. Not sure about overseas, though. Maybe Paris.


  4. Seems you and Jana have about covered it all = except, can they be equipped with a GPS system? I don’t want to get lost.

    Karen, GPS, of course. No modern magic flying carpet is constructed without such a system. It is intertwined throughout the silk threads. Works quite well, I’ve been told, so you should not worry about becoming lost.


  5. Sounds good, but there are so many more questions.

    Would stores and businesses allow parking on the roof and make rooftop entrances?

    Yes, rooftop parking and entrances.

    Would stores put velcro on the bottom of their sacks so my purchases would stay attached to the carpet while I fly back home?

    No velcro. All purchases made by flying carpet customers are delivered to the doorstep of the customer’s home.

    Do they have SUV size for large families?

    Yes, they have SUV models. Think about it: Otherwise Andrew and his brood couldn’t even consider the carpet models, and that certainly wouldn’t be fair. Everyone needs to be treated equally under the law.

    What models of car(pet) seats are available for small children?

    No special seats are required for children. The magic holds them safely. However, at the age of ten (or younger for precocious kids) they may have their own small carpet which attaches to the mother carpet in a kite-like style. Again, think of Andrew’s. Quite a spectacle with five flying tails!

    I realize there is “air” conditioning, but will another carpet stay overhead for rainy days?

    You’ve got it. Rain sensors automatically spring an overhead canopy–matching, of course.

    What happens if I am blinded by a cloud?

    Radar, my dear, carpet radar.

    Oh, my!!! Don’t think I am ready for one yet.

    Oh, ye of little faith. I thought better of you. 🙂


  6. dean

    The most important question? How many cup holders? Peace

    No cup holders. You can’t drink and drive. Besides even Coke or lemonade might spill and ruin the fine carpet.


  7. That would be fun! Probably more expensive than a tank of gas, though. And my hair might be too messed up unless I wore a helmet. And what having a pilot’s license to fly one?

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear one.

    Jayleigh, if I had already purchased my magic carpet, right after church in the morning, I would whip over to see you and hubby. 🙂


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