Insight and Outlook for the Fritzl Family

A few minutes ago, I came across this interesting and enlightening information about current activities and insight into the very unfortunate Fritzl family. I was especially touched to read of the reunion of Elizabeth and her mother.

Authorities are understood to be considering giving Elisabeth, held captive by her father for 24 years, and her children new identities to help them escape the trauma of their captivity.

The head of the local social services, Hans-Heinz Lenze, said a name change had been suggested not only for the immediate victims but also for Fritzl’s other family as well, in order to give them a new start in life.

“At the moment, all possibilities are being sounded out in closest consultation with the family. But a decision will only be reached in the coming weeks,” Mr Lenze said yesterday.

All the imprisoned children have defective immune systems and are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. None of them had seen a doctor or a dentist before their release and the oldest, Kerstin, 19 – who (is) clinging to life in intensive care – has already lost most of her teeth.

The height of their prison ceilings has left them each with a cramped physical posture and all three are anaemic.

Experts said the psychological problems resulting from being the child of an incestuous relationship – and living in a claustrophobic bolthole – were unique.

“Psychologically, a lot depends on what their mother has told them over the years, whether she has explained the reason for their imprisonment or whether they have come to accept it as a normal condition,” Rotraud Perner, a psychotherapist from Vienna, said.

The details emerged after the two sets of children were allowed to meet. In a hospital room, under the nervous gaze of Austrian psychiatrists, Rosemarie, 67, hugged her long-lost daughter, and sisters smiled shyly at their newly discovered brothers.

On seeing her frail, white-haired daughter for the first time in nearly a quarter of a century, Rosemarie said: “I’m so sorry – I had no idea.”

“The two women fell into each other’s arms and just wept bitterly,” said Berthold Kepplinger, the director of the clinic in Amstetten where the family is being treated.

“They held each other and did not want to let go. They said they loved each other and pledged never to be separated again.

“Rosemarie clearly had no knowledge of Elisabeth’s terrible fate.”

The fear was that the two sets of offspring would shun each other. “But it was not like that – it was astonishing how easy and natural this first encounter was,” Dr Kepplinger said.

Until this moment, they had led an upstairs-downstairs existence. Upstairs, three of Fritzl’s children – Lisa, 16, Monika, 14, and Alexander, 11 – disguised as his grandchildren – were brought up by their strict but seemingly benevolent grandfather and Rosemarie. It was a well-ordered life of sports days, karate training, music lessons and parent-teacher meetings.

From The Australian

It also emerged that their mother Elisabeth — caged with the boys by her rapist father — never told them the truth about their terrible plight.

Instead she invented a fantasy world for them by filling their heads with wondrous stories of princes and princesses.

The Austrian boys DO understand their native language, gleaned from years of watching TV in the windowless bunker.

Furnace ... where baby was buried

Furnace … where baby was buried

But their accent is unique and when left alone they babble in their own coded tongue.

Police Inspector Leopold Etz said: “With each other, the boys communicate with noises that are a mixture of growling and cooing.

“If they want to say something so others understand, they have to focus and really concentrate — which seems to exhaust them.”

It is thought Felix’s joints and muscles did not develop properly in the cramped bunker, possibly due to malnutrition. And the little lad walks like a monkey.

Insp Etz said: “He prefers to crawl but can walk upright if he wants. He mostly uses a mixture of the two — half walking, half crawling.”

From The Sun

6 thoughts on “Insight and Outlook for the Fritzl Family

  1. Andi Rigopoulos

    I just finished reading the House Of Horrors. I am having trouble grasping the horror of this situation. This animal Josef Fritzl knew what he was doing. This devil that walked the streets of Amstetten was calculating and he knew that it was wrong. I am just stunned. I do believe Mrs Fritzl knew nothing of what was going on under her. Yes we all can say why she didn’t look for her daughter however, could you imagine challenging this animal she lived with? This devil in a human body should be locked in the bunker he built with no food and water until he dies. That should be his sentence. I wish all the love and happiness of Elizabeth and her family. May god be with you all.


  2. Hello, Angie–Welcome to my blog.

    Your advise to refrain from believing everything that is published is good advise. In this case, I have no way to privately ascertain the truth of the case as you may, so I must rely on mainstream news reporting.

    To me, it also seems strange that the mother did not know what was going on, but I certainly have no proof that she did.

    Whatever the details, I consider the story very sad and continue to think about and pray for all concerned.


  3. Angie

    Half of this info. is complettely false. *eye roll* They don’t walk like monkeys, they know proper German…. they don’t talk by “cooing” and “growling” what a joke this article you posted is. Don’t believe everything you read. And you were touched by the story of the mother/daugther reunion?!?!?! Please…. how could the mother not have known?! She did…. she’s just as bad as the father.


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