Kerstin Fritzl Awakes From Coma

The Daily Mail reports that the hospital where Kirsten Fritzl has been lingering in a medically induced coma say she is slowing awakening. Her family is encouraged after seeing her eyes flutter and noting other signs of consciousness. Doctors have told them, though, that Kirsten is incredibly fragile, and may be in bed for many months. There also is the real possibility that she has suffered brain damage because of her severe infections.

EDIT: JUNE 10 Kirsten is now fully awake and has been reunited with her mother.

Authorities say her father, Josef Fritzl, has confessed to locking up his daughter, Elizabeth, and repeatedly raping and impregnating her. Investigators say he also told them three of the children were raised in a cellar at his home, three others were brought up above ground and one died in infancy

When Kirsten was hospitalized with the infection and doctors were not able to find medical records for the woman, doctors, on television and radio, appealed to her mother to come forward. Fritzl accompanied Elisabeth to the hospital on April 26 and was detained after she divulged what had allegedly happened to her.

Elisabeth, who is 42, is living with her five other children at the nearby Amstetten Mauer Clinic. Teachers are working with the children and are testing the two boys who grew up in the cellar to determine where their formal education should begin. The three children who grew up above ground are also being tutored so that they stay in step with their regular classes.

The Mail reports:

Although the confined spaces at the clinic have not troubled the three from the cellar, Monica, Lisa and Alexander are finding the enclosed atmosphere difficult to handle.

My prayers continue for this family.

4 thoughts on “Kerstin Fritzl Awakes From Coma

  1. May all those involved drink the wine of Truth from the cup of Justice for Truth only hurts those who would twist it. I have treated many abused children & this I know; for all the Evil in the World there is that much Good & children (better than any others) have the capacity to understand that. We have but to prove them correct. That much we owe them, for our children are our Hope, in this Pandora’s Box of ours.


  2. Amanda Sattler

    i have been praying for Kerstin and i will not stop.

    We must not forget this family. Thank you for remembering and for caring.


  3. maxine williams dunnett

    tragic and unbelievable, please pray for the children, Elisbeth is so brave and deserves all
    the support a she has been an amazing mother
    as also the grandmother to raise those children
    if only someone had known about the cellar!

    Portia, thank you for visiting my blog. I share your grief and concern for this very special family. I will continue to pray for them.


  4. Sis. Buxton:
    This story rates as one of the saddest and depraved I have followed in some time.
    Yes, I have ask our Lord to be kind to the poor children.


    It is so awful, my mind will hardly wrap around it.


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