10 thoughts on “Grandkids Week Day 8

  1. This has been a delightful Grandkids week!!! Thank you for sharing with us. These precious children now have fantastic memories. And so do grandpa and grandma Buxton. God bless you and your loved ones near and far.


  2. Nathaniel

    You cant believe what a wonderful time i had at grandkids week this year.

    Thank you Granny and Pappy who made this grandkids week the greatest we ever had.

    love Nathaniel

    You are welcome, my fine boy. Thank you for coming to Grandkids Week at Pappy and Granny’s. It could not possibly be right without you here.

    I will never forget the timely sermon you preached on Sunday at the “tent revival.” You reminded me that all of us will have an end to our lives…and at that time we will stand before God for our judgment.

    We’re preparing for a joyful judgment, aren’t we Nathaniel. We’re going to Heaven! Hope lots of people come with us.

    Hugs and kisses……


  3. Sis. Buxton, I was with you for this entire Grandkids Week and it was absolutely fantastic! Thank you for sharing with us. You and your husband are wonderful grandparents. From bible stories to shopping, baking, allowing the children to spead their wings and explore, sharing wonderful dinners, playing games, chasing away fears of tornados, allowing the adventures of tent building, warming frozen feet, playing hide and seek, and ending it with a wonderful tent service. You have made important memories that will last a life time. I didn’t miss a day and I have enjoyed this journey with you. Again, thanks for sharing.


  4. Obviously waking up mom and dad too early to grandma’s delight, huh? I couldn’t help laughing at this picture! Mom and Dad, the vacation is over! LOL


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