Dottie Rambo Dies in Accident/Funeral Schedule

One of the world’s great gospel singers and composers has been involved in a tragic accident.

MOUNT VERNON, Missouri (AP) Gospel singer and songwriter Dottie Rambo has been killed in a Mother’s Day highway accident.

She was 74.

The Missouri Highway Patrol says Rambo’s tour bus ran off Interstate 44 and struck an embankment. Seven other people on the bus were hospitalized with moderate to severe injuries.

Joyce “Dottie” Rambo was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame last year. Some of her more than 2,500 published songs were recorded by Dolly Parton.


Rambo has had more than 2,500 published songs, including gospel classics such as “He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need” and the 1982 Gospel Music Association Song of the Year, “We Shall Behold Him.”

More here.

There are several recordings of Dottie here on You Tube. It seems embedding is no longer permitted from her site.

Monday, May 19, 1:00 PM – MEMORIAL SERVICE

Christ Church
15354 Old Hickory Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37211
Directions, click HERE

Saturday, May 17, 4-8 PM – VISITATION
Sunday, May 18 from 2-4 PM – VISITATION

Woodlawn-Roesch-Patton Funeral Home
660 Thompson Lane
Nashville, TN 37204
Directions, click HERE

Visitations and memorial service: open to the public.
There will be a private reception for close friends and relatives at the church on Monday, May 19 from 11 AM – 12:30 PM.

Private entombment: mausoleum at Woodlawn-Roesch-Patton Memorial Park will be for family only immediately following her Home-going Celebration.

11 thoughts on “Dottie Rambo Dies in Accident/Funeral Schedule

  1. Effiong Ibok

    I do not deserve to write a tribute to her. But she has been an inspiration since my undergraduate years in Oklahoma over 38 years ago. I was just listening to her music when I stumbled upon this obituary. I am so saddened with the news though many years passed. But I know she is in Heaven and she is at rest in The Father’s bosom.


  2. Linda C Roberts

    I am 50 yrs old and my momis 73,I lost my dad 9/28/2010.We all loved Dotties music and her family,she will be missed ,but shes now with Jesus.She will never hurt again.Me and my mother which is also very sick,we listend to the Rambos album,my mom just swaying back and forth.Thank you all that you do

    Linda, thank you for visiting my site. Hope you are here often. Sorry about the loss of your father, and the sickness of your mother. God bless you both.


  3. Pat Green

    I was at the funeral, 3rd row back with the family. Why? Because I traveled with The Rambos in the late ’60’s and they were just like family to me…I even lived with them. Dottie was 9 years older than me, Reba was 9 years younger, so I felt like they were both sisters to me. Dottie was the best friend I ever had on this earth and I know she died doing what she loved best, spreading the Gospel. Sure wish there was a telephone in heaven so we could talk to her. But, one day soon we will all join her and Vestal and many other Homecoming friends.


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  5. Gail Loughrey

    Yes, Dottie was inspirationally used by the Holy
    Spirit to reach all persons through out her life.
    I saw and met Dottie and Buck in 1986 in Georgia. She gave her testimony and sang her
    anointed songs, which reached and touched my
    heart. Through this encounter, God himself used this experience to personally and intimately touch me. I started crying as I “felt”
    God himself, his undescribable love reaching down to me, and through me. I cried for 12 or more hours, experiencing his closeness to such
    a wretch like me. He poured himself out, in and through me, until I couldn’t contain anymore. It was the most unexplainable experience I have ever had with God. I was saved, I have witnessed his nearness, heard his inaudible voice, experienced him using me, yes me! in so many humungous miracles, even of life and death miracles from accidents he would just happen to put me in the midst of, but even all of that, I have never experienced the indwelling, the infilling of himself in me and through me as I did the night I met Dottie and Buck. Thank you Lord for how you have so mightily used her in all of our lives. Please give her a hug for me, and let her know how much she left behind, by allowing you to fill her with all your glory!


    1. Anonymous

      I was just reading what you said about Dottie Rambo. Here on Vancouver Island listening to her sing on U Tube Sheltered Safe Within the Arms of God when the Spirit of God flowed over me, Praise God.! This is true with Dottie Now! What a blessing to be able to hear her Wonderful Songs! I began to cry tears of Joy as I began to feel the anointing of God flow O’re my soul! Sharon Rose!


  6. Jean

    I had just been listening to her on You Tube a few days ago. Your niece, Sharon and I had gone to see them at a concert many moons ago. I was wondering where and how she was doing and read about her recently after all those years. I remember Sis Mildred Buxton liking the Goodman’s and Rambos. I bought some of their records after hearing them in the Buxton’s home.
    So sad to hear of Dottie’s passing.
    Be blessed.


  7. Dottie was a beautiful and loving person who loved The Lord and she told of it. Her songs are so beautiful and we all will miss her. We know she is walking with Jesus now and no more back pain. Loved her Pauline


  8. dorothy gaiser

    love you much dottie much
    happness to all of us. we are sad to lose you but know you are in jesus arms now.


    Dottie obviously was loved by many people.


  9. margo faulkner

    and just yesterday evening on TBN I was watching a tribute to her,,What a lady and a genuine person to honor and remember as a Christian who loved Jesus,,and now She Beholds Him! ,,amen, and amen.

    Margo, thank you for visiting my site. Hope you are here often.

    It’s my desire to stand one day in Heaven with the redeemed who make it in. Too much to gain to lose.


  10. dean

    So very sad. She will be missed.

    Indeed, she will. She has written many beautiful songs, which will no doubt become classics among us. Of incredible beauty is We Shall Behold Him.


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