Root Canal

I believe I have mentioned somewhere that I am having a good deal of dental work done these days. Some crowns that I have had over 20 years had to be replaced, and for one tooth that called for a root canal–which I had a couple of weeks ago, and which caused me absolutely no pain, even though my dentist had prescribed Vicodin. When I told her about having no pain, and that I wanted the same experience with the root canal I would be having this morning, she smiled brightly, and said, “Sorry. No promises.”

Seems the pain is unpredictable. “Even in the same mouth with the same dentist,” she continued. “One root canal is relatively painless, and the other may result in some pain.”

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So, I was all set this morning, having positive thoughts, but being realistic and knowing I might suffer. Guess what! I didn’t even need the root canal. As the dentist began working, she called for another X-ray and decided I wouldn’t need a post for the new crown–thus no root canal. Yeah.

Hope your day is happy, too.


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5 thoughts on “Root Canal

  1. God is good! So happy you didn’t need that root canal. Never had any yet, but I know it’s in my future. Hope I have the pain-free experience you did! Blessings!


  2. Quite embarrasing it is. I was trying to get the cap off of a blade which turned out to be the bottom of the blade. It was this tricky little device I have never seen before and the blade was in there upside down and I took some pliers to it and it slipped and there you have it. Stupid is as stupid does. NEVER DO THIS! I’m just glad my husband was here even though he has grounded me from all razorblades. All I wanted to do was scrape some stuff off of the windows.

    Hey, this one handed typing is a real challenge.


  3. Sis Buxton, that is good news. Glad you didn’t have to have the root canal after all. Guess you won’t be needing the Vicodin now will you? Me on the other hand, well, I have been swallowing a few Lortabs here and there. Ya know stupid is as stupid does. :{ I sorta, kinda, sliced my left hand from the forefinger almost down to the thumb with a razor on Wednesday. Just laid that baby open I did. Cut the artery and took 10 stitches to close up my hand. Right now no pain (till the pain pill wears off). Could’ve been worse, so yes, I’m having a great day. JUST DON’T TOUCH MY HAND! 😀

    Oh, my goodness, Jolene, that sounds terrible, and I definitely will not touch that hand. How did you manage such a cut?


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