A Walk in Visalia

Visalia Walking Trail, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

From one of our room’s windows at the Lampliter in Visalia, I caught a glimpse of a stream and this trail, which led me at one point on that “lounge-about” Saturday to say to Jerry, “Think I’m go out and prowl around a bit.”

“Okay,” he muttered, hardly looking up from his reading.

I gathered my camera and an extra lens and headed out, quickly finding this appealing city-maintained trail. As I rounded some large oleander bushes on the hotel grounds to step onto the trail, I saw a bridge that extended over the creek that runs beside the trail. My breath caught, for looking directly at me, were these two doves.

See how beautiful they are. They look so soft, and their markings are splendid. We mutually admired each other for quite some time, then together they flew into the calm blue sky.
It was a perfect afternoon, and I found beauty in the ancient fence on which they perched…
…and in vibrant green weeds backlighted by the afternoon sun.

10 thoughts on “A Walk in Visalia

  1. We walk past beauty everyday of our lives as we rush here and there. Isn’t it amazing how a snapshot, the pausing of time, gives us the opportunity to slow down and see what had been blind to us before.


  2. Your photos are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing.

    I keep trying to email you, but it appears that I must have the address wrong. Each time I reply to a comment you leave on my blog, or try to email from my email program, the note comes back to me.

    So I wondered if you knew anything about your friend and the baby she had.


    Love you!
    Jayleigh and Rob


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