Remarkable Recovery of Alexis

Remember little Alexis Goggins, who, to save the life of her mother jumped across her, taking six bullets into her own small body. Her prognosis was abysmal, doctors saying she would never walk or talk again.

But this darling, courageous child has shocked everybody. She has been challenged since birth, for while she was but an infant, she suffered a massive stroke that affected her vision and her brain function. Then she took those six bullets and suffered severe, life-threatening injuries. Now, though, “She’s not only walking and talking, she’s expected to have a full recovery.”

I love scrappy little fighting people. I pray for Alexis, for a continued successful recovery, and for a full and joyful life.

4 thoughts on “Remarkable Recovery of Alexis

  1. Hi, Lynn–

    Welcome to my blog. Hope you visit here often. I’ve checked your delightful site, and have added you to my blogroll.

    I recall the first time I saw the Tetons. It was twilight, the sun was setting and the scene was so beautiful, Jerry pulled our motor home to the side of the road, and we gazed in absolute awe.

    Hope your trip is as wonderful. Admire you and your husband for being out and about despite such challenges. Go for it!


  2. Lynn and Bret

    Hi Shirley,
    I found your site when my husband and I were looking for wheelchairs for a trip to the Tetons. He has multiple sclerosis and hiking is a dream we’ve had to adjust. He still walks but a wheelchair sure saves his energy from time to time. I LOVE the ultimate chair in an earlier post. I also love the way you write and your heart for others. Thanks for letting me “visit.” I would love to have you check out my blog, if interested.
    Take care!


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