Seattle Wrap-up

Pastor Jesse Parker, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Midday on Sunday saw the final segment of the 35th anniversary services for the Kerns, and, as had been the pattern, it was an exceptional event. With their beautiful voices, both Pam and Harold sang solo parts during the music offered by the church choir.

Three speakers had been chosen for the concluding service. Pastor Mansfield spoke first, followed by my Jerry, and then by Pastor Jesse Parker of La Grande, Oregon, who brought the concluding message. It was a beautiful and powerful service. (I will be writing later on my devotional blog concerning another moving portion of that service.)

Then it was off for one last celebratory meal at Pogacha’s in Issaquah, and one last picture of some ministers and their wives.

The couple on the far left is Wendell and Pat Myers, friends of long-standing. Jerry and I first met them in Bible school in Tulsa when I had just turned 17. This couple has pioneered churches in both California and Washington and are now retired. Although she is 84 and he is 80, when you are around them, you could never imagine it. Look at them. They’re the epitome of vigor and good health. We stayed in their home from Thursday to Monday, when they took us to the Seattle airport…and we flew away home.
(The couple on the far right is Pastor and Mrs. Jim Swank of Springfield, Oregon. Think you’ve met everyone else.)
My devotional blog is here.

4 thoughts on “Seattle Wrap-up

  1. Good to hear from you. Happy to see you had a wonderful time. Must be something to fellowship with those you’ve known all your life (just about) and who have lived this Apostolic way just like you.
    Be blessed Sister Buxton, you are a very special lady of God and a voice to many. I love you.


  2. Thank you so much for the pictures of the Kern’s, Myers’ and Swanks’. Between living in this section and Bible School, I have many happy memories of these couples.


  3. It was good to FINALLY hear from you. People had wondered since it’d been days since you last posted, but glad you’re all right and had a good time. Great photo of you all! Mom thought so too. I know Bro. & Sis. Myers. He’s an excellent preacher. He’s one of Elder Coon’s (up in Lynnwood, WA) best friends, and I’ve heard him speak. God bless the Kern’s on their anniversary. Though I don’t know Bro. Parker, I do know where La Grande, OR is—nestled around the scenic Wallowa mountains there.


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