The Banquet and Big Surprise

Pastor Mansfield, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

The celebration banquet to honor the Kerns was at a hotel on Saturday afternoon, and before the meal, as someone was talking, suddenly another voice came over the sound system. The two voices spoke together for awhile, then one stopped and the only one to continue was Pastor Mansfield.

“I’m using this method to congratulate you on this special occasion…” Pastor Mansfield continued with what seemed to be a telephone or recorded message. Suddenly, though, into the room and walking toward the table where sat the Kerns were Pastor and Mrs. Anthony Mansfield of Meridian, Mississippi. It was a total surprise.

His Pastor. The man under whose ministry Harold Kern received the Holy Ghost. It was a poignant moment.
Lots of presentations were made–gifts…and fine words.
Pam speaks to their handsome son, Nathan, commending her children for the sacrifices they made in the early years of pioneering the work in Bellevue.
….and to their beautiful daughter, Cindy.

4 thoughts on “The Banquet and Big Surprise

  1. How fun! And I have to say that when I saw the close up picture of Brother Buxton, at first glance, I thought it was Paul Mooney. Not sure you know who he is, he pastors in Indianapolis. And he and Norman Pasley usually take up the main offereing at General Conference because they have a way of making people laugh and give! Of course, I’m heading to Indiana in the morning, so I might just have that on my mind!


  2. Thank you for sharing your time in Seattle. It was good to see pictures of the Kerns and children. The years fly and we drift in different directions so it is nice to reconnect, even if it is through blogging.


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