Seattle Trip News

DSC_0098, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

We had a great time at the 35th church anniversary of our friends, Harold and Pam Kern who pastor in Bellevue, Washington. We jostled with friends from days before, and were introduced to people who now are our new friends.

On Thursday just before noon, while the men were out and about doing their own things, Pam and I drove to the airport where Kay Singleton, on her way to speak at a conference in Montona, had an eight-hour layover. We lunched and shopped and spent the rest of the afternoon at Pam’s lovely home talking, napping…and snacking. At 6:00 we dropped off Kay at the airport, then went to the church for the first night service.

Sam Emory was the preacher on Thursday and Friday nights. In wide demand, he is both a great minister and a wonderful musician–sings, plays and talks in a dynamic way unique to him. He pastors a thriving church in Merced, Ca. Love Sam Emory and his beautiful wife. (Unfortunately, she was not able to be in Seattle. Missed her.)
In Seattle we ate. A special meal was served after every service. We ate. Jerry ate more.

Branks' Pig

Jerry’s favorite place to eat was Brank’s BBQ. He and Wendell ate there on
Wednesday and Thursday. The owner poses with them here.
On Friday, all the ministers went to the Kern’s house for a catered lunch–from Branks! Jerry was happy!

One thought on “Seattle Trip News

  1. dean

    Wood pit smoked bbq!! Yeah, that makes me happy too. Peace

    Dean, I believe Branks makes the best brisket I have ever eaten. He was in a small place for several years, then moved into a very large facility where his business is absolutely flourishing. He now is only open until 4:00 except on Friday and Saturday when he opens for dinner. He does a great deal of catering. Never opens on Sunday, allows no smoking or drinking.

    Peace back…….


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