Pam’s Challenge

She has been quite open about it or I would not mention that my friend Pam Kern, who little more than two years ago had surgery and chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, has in recent weeks been diagnosed as having a recurrence of the problem. You may imagine, then, that during the anniversary services, although neither she or her husband mentioned her illness, in the recesses of the minds of her friends was this awareness.

Pam is a unique woman; vivacious, ambitious, and caring; truly a Christian, a wonderful pastor’s wife, and a distinct “soul-winner.” She possesses a positive, upbeat attitude, and we’re all praying, believing and agreeing that, again, her cancer will go into remission.

My sister and one of my brothers died with cancer, and as everyone else, I suppose, I know lots of people with the dreaded disease, so I am always interested when I hear of progress being made toward the cure of this plague. I am intrigued with the story on the following video where you will see the account of a non-medical person who seems to have invented a very promising tool toward eradicating cancer.


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