Spring in Seattle

As we prepared to land in Seattle on Tuesday at just past noon, one of the attendants announced, “Welcome to Seattle. At the moment, it is 39 degrees.”

Thirty-nine degrees? Hey, it’s noon. You’ve got to be kidding. Nope, they weren’t kidding, but I was prepared. Before leaving Lake Havasu (where it probably is 80 degrees today) I had checked the forecast for weather in Seattle, and expected it to be chilly and raining and since I’m on the cold-natured side, I had brought a long wool coat.

But look! All over town are spectacular trees including these flowering Japanese Cherry trees. We drove around a little yesterday and stopped once in the town of Kirkland to look across Lake Washington to the skyline of Seattle.

Growing along the sidewalk near here is this striking yellow plant. Harold and I looked closely–but neither one of could identify it.
In front of the Kern’s church in Bellevue grows this specimen plant, whose name I believe is Pieras Japonica.

13 thoughts on “Spring in Seattle

  1. Awesome pictures. You always take good ones. I agree with Helen, it’s not like you not to post for a few days. I was wondering myself. Hope all is well! =)




  2. Beautiful pictures, Shirley. Hope you’re having a good time. I’m praying for you, since you haven’t posted in a few days and that’s not like you. Love, Helen


  3. Sis. Buxton:
    Looks to me like a rough place for a shutter bug to be. I would spend more time taking pictures than anything else. Beautiful pictures, this is the time of year when a shutter bug can really have fun.



  4. Great pictures! We’ve been to the Kern’s church before back in 1995 when we were visiting the Seattle area for my hubby’s work, which at the time was in Bellevue. Beautiful state, even if it’s raining!


  5. I lived up in Seattle for 10 yrs. I’m not surprised at the cool temperature nor the beautiful and multicolored trees, plants. I visited the Bellevue church several times when I was first up in Seattle. I know who the Kerns are. I liked them. I did wind up going to Bro. Coon’s church up in Lynnwood, WA. Good post on Seattle. Hope you had a good stay there. How are the Kern’s and the church in Bellevue doing up there?


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