A Preacher and A Zipper

She eyed him from her pew and smiled. Hers was an animated husband, and throughout his preaching he waved his hands, gyrated his body, and with flailing arms and other physical movements punctuated his sermons. Not for him was to remain behind the pulpit. He was all over the place, and often moved down into the congregation to emphasize his points. He was a great preacher.

Suddenly she reached for her purse, grabbed a paper and scribbled a note. After discretely summoning an usher, she whispered into his ear and handed him the note.

A multi-talented man, her husband was now seated at the organ playing music for the song the congregation was singing. As unobtrusively as possible, the usher walked to the pastor and laid the note on the organ bench.

“From your wife,” the usher whispered. “Important, she says.”

Quizzically, he looked at his wife, who mouthed the words, “Read it now!”

Still playing, but with one hand now, the pastor fumbled around with the note, finally unfolded it and read YOUR FLY IS UNZIPPED.

Frantic, as he remembered his recent cavorting around during the sermon, he continued to play the organ with one hand, and began feeling around the zipper area of his trousers. Without looking down, he felt again. Strange thing. He was not unzipped. What was going on?

Again, he scanned the congregation and looked with puzzlement at his wife. Her face spread into a glorious grin and she mouthed the words APRIL FOOL!


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12 thoughts on “A Preacher and A Zipper

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  2. Josh Tredway

    That is a funny April Fool’s joke unless you are the preacher and the prank is on you. From experience this can be a very embarrassing moment. Great laughs!


  3. My pastor’s wife (Sis. Alvarez) kind of played a joke on him before April Fool’s Day (for his birthday). She had recorded him snoring (as evidently he’s done many nights, and Sis. Alvarez has had to put up with that), and before the congregation wished him a Happy Birthday, she played the recording for everyone to hear. He came back, though, with a clever retort: “The Bible says, He giveth his beloved sleep, but there’s no rest for the wicked.” We all had a hearty laugh, but I think Sis. Alvarez did have the upper hand in that one.


  4. Aisha Buxton

    She’s a brave women… I don’t know if I’d have the guts to do that. Too bad we don’t have church tonight, otherwise maybeeee…. well… Shawnna, I’ll let you try it out!!!! Too funny!

    Now, chocolate covered styrofoam, HILARIOUS… sounds like some new diet craze, I think some people would really try that, but only if they’re from California 🙂 (No offense since I am no longer a California-Girl)


  5. My favorite April’s Fool story came from my father’s sister, Venita. She was an incredible banker and would daily take a home baked good to her job working for Equitable of Iowa. One April’s Fool Day she got some styrofoam peanuts and covered them in chocolate. She took them to work and left them in the break room for all to enjoy. Imagine their faces when they bit into the styrofoam?! Gotta love it.


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