Homeschooling in California Essentially Banned

A few days ago I received an email urging me to sign a petition calling for the depublishing of the decision that has been handed down by the 2nd District Court of Appeal in California. This ruling decrees that any parent (or other person) who teaches his children at home must have a valid teaching credential. Essentially, because of this intrusive law, home schooling has been banned in our state. I readily signed the petition. There are other calls for the reversing of this decision.

In what was branded by James Dobson as “an all-out assault on the family,” a California court of appeal handed down a decision on a secret juvenile case that effectively bans home schooling in the state of California by establishing criteria not met by most of the parents of California’s approximately 166,000 home schooled kids.

The court interpreted California’s compulsory education law (saying instructors must hold a “valid state teaching credential”) as meaning that parents have to have state teaching credentials to teach their children at home, even if they’re using independent study programs. And California is already facing an “emergency” situation with not nearly enough certified teachers. To make up for the shortage, many California teachers that do not have credentials passed a test to teach.

This ruling is not in the best interests of the children or even of the California schools. Even more importantly, this ruling is another egregious example of judicial activism.

From Human Events

In my opinion this is a ruling aimed not only against the family as Dr. Dobson has indicated, but this is an indictment against Christianity. Consider the following list of ways in which God has effectively been outlawed from the public schools:

•teachers may not show any religious bias
•the 10 commandments are forbidden
•public prayer is forbidden
•biology curricula can only discuss origins of life if they exclude any discussion of intelligent design
•the doctrine of original sin is excluded, even as public schools increasingly show evidence of it in the brutal behavior of students
•safe sex is being taught instead of sexual restraint
•condom distribution is common
•homosexuality is being taught as legitimate and those opposed to it as bigoted (as opposed to tolerated opinion)

list compiled by Creature PA.

Consider this writing by Dixie.

I am a U.S. citizen living in Germany. Here homeschooling is illegal and has been ever since Hitler set it up that way. He did it so that the state could control what children learn and grow and believe in his Nazi regime. Now the California is doing the same thing. Do you feel Big Brothers “boot” starting to crush you head yet…or do we have to wait until all our rights are given over to the government for our “protection and safety?”

We must continue to speak against government intrusion into our homes, within our churches and inside our family units. I should be the one responsible for my family–the government should not. It should be parents who decide what their children will eat, where they will study, and who will teach them. Washington or Sacramento should have no voice in those determinations.

Edit: 9:20 Monday morning

From Bethie’s blog, I brought over this dynamic quotation by our late President Ronald Reagan.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

~Ronald Reagan


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9 thoughts on “Homeschooling in California Essentially Banned

  1. Kristen

    Do you guys not realize that the law was not made to be overly controlling like Hitler or as a move against God?

    Values should be taught at home, yes. Not at school, but that’s what the other 16 hours in a day are for. The 7-8 a child gets in school allows children to form their own opinions and not be “mini-me’s” of their parents. Homeschooling is okay as long as the parents are allowing the children to get involved in the community with peers through sports, scouts, and other community activities.

    But, I agree with the ruling that children should have to be taught by someone with a teaching degree. How else can the government be sure that children are receiving ad adequate education equivalent to their peers?

    Hi Kristen. Welcome to my blog.

    You sound sincere in your thoughts, but I want to share with you that across the board homeschoolers score better on achievement tests than do those in public schools. I brought the following over for you to read.

    God bless you.

    Homeschooling vs. Public School
    Please read our General and Medical Disclaimers
    Homeschooling Expert Advice from Isabel Shaw

    Question: Where can I find statistical information on homeschooling vs. public schooling? I am a public-school teacher who has considered homeschooling my own children. I am now taking a graduate course and chose this topic for a paper to present to teaching peers who are very opposed to homeschooling. I would like some graphs that would show tracking of homeschoolers vs. public-school students in areas of college success, career success, sport success, etc.

    Answer: I do not know of any specific graphs in all the areas you mention, but of the statistics that are available, the accomplishments of homeschooled children on standardized tests are quite amazing.

    Here is an excerpt from a recent study of homeschoolers: “According to a report published by the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) and funded by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education, homeschool student achievement test scores were exceptionally high. The median scores for every subtest at every grade were well above those of public and Catholic/private-school students. On average, homeschool students in grades one to four performed one grade level above their age-level public/private school peers on achievement tests. Students who had been homeschooled their entire academic life had higher scholastic achievement test scores than students who had also attended other educational programs.”

    One interesting facet of the study noted that academic achievement was equally high regardless of whether the student was enrolled in a full-service curriculum, or whether the parent had a state-issued teaching certificate.

    The study states, “Even with a conservative analysis of the data, the achievement levels of the homeschool students in the study were exceptional. Within each grade level and each skill area, the median scores for homeschool students fell between the 70th and 80th percentile of students nationwide and between the 60th and 70th percentile of Catholic/Private school students. For younger students, this is a one year lead. By the time homeschool students are in 8th grade, they are four years ahead of their public/private school counterparts.”

    Also, “Homeschool students did quite well in 1998 on the ACT college entrance examination. They had an average ACT composite score of 22.8 which is .38 standard deviations above the national ACT average of 21.0 (ACT, 1998). This places the average homeschool student in the 65th percentile of all ACT test takers.”

    Also, be sure to visit the National Home Education Research Institute at for more information.

    Good luck!


  2. I have homeschooled my 3 children since birth and I plan to keep on homeschooling them. I believe that HSLDA and the other organizaiton working on this absolutely ridiculous so-called law will bring about a complete reversal. Many officials have come forward with thier support of homeschooling.

    Upon hearing of the case that started all this, I went to the California Education Code. There is nothing there that states I am breaking the law by homeschooling my children.

    “If God be for us, who can be against us”, and as Helen said, “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world”.

    The Bible also says, “Fear not, for I have overcome the world.”

    Watch out California lawmakers, God is on the Homeschoolers side.

    Keep praying and believing and thanks for your support in signing the petition.

    God Bless!


  3. I’m not afraid either. Sometimes things may take us by surprise, but nothing ever takes God by surprise. I signed the petition when there were about 40,000 people that had signed, and now I see that there are almost 250,ooo that have signed. I am praying and believing that God is going to give favor to the HSLDA and others who are fighting this legal battle.


  4. God’s law is higher than the United States Government’s law. Therefore, I must obey God’s law and continue to keep my child (my 16 yr. old) home and raise him with my own values and influences. (Which is what I did with my 22 yr. old).

    Even though this new law regarding homeschooling has come into effect, I do not fear as I break the law. God is on my side and He has more power than anyone. He will take care of me.

    Sad…I never thought I would be a lawbreaker.
    Psalm 118:6 “The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?”

    Thank you, Sis. Buxton, and everyone else, who signed this petition.


  5. This is just a further attempt of government to CONTROL our lives, beginning with children and families. This MUST be stopped.

    The real motivation for this law is obvious. Homeschooling is beginning to make the public education sytem look bad!

    Hello, Bethie. Welcome to my blog. Hope you visit and comment often. I agree totally with your assessment. I have visited your blog, and as an edit in this post, brought over a quotation by President Reagan. Thank you for your work.


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