A Storm Brews in Lake Havasu

Rebecca and Nathaniel came over from San Bernardino yesterday in belated celebration of Jerry’s birthday, and we had planned on taking the Dreamcatcher and go across the lake to the California side for dinner. We had not planned on the boat being full because of Spring Break, but when we stepped in line, we saw it stretched back a long ways. At the final gate, after which you pass through and board the boat, the man with the clicker, said, “Sorry, folks, that’s all she holds. The boat leaves again in an hour.”

Nathaniel was devastated, for, all day he had anticipated this trip, Rebecca told us. We didn’t want to stand in line for an hour, so Jerry made the decision we would eat somewhere in Lake Havasu, and after church on Sunday before Rebecca had to go home, we would take the boat over for lunch.

Nathaniel was terribly upset. We headed to the car, and just at that moment, fierce winds began blowing, and when I looked back to the lake, I saw the Dreamcatcher just hanging around the dock. The wind blew for hours, and I suspect that 6:00 o’clock boat did not actually cross the lake, nor did they run the 7:00.

We drove around the island, watched the trees whip, and I snapped some beautiful pictures.

Lake Havasu is strange. Despite dark, threatening clouds, and fierce blowing winds, it didn’t rain a drop.


6 thoughts on “A Storm Brews in Lake Havasu

  1. These photos are incredible! What setting was your camera on? Auto, landscape?

    Thanks, Tena. Part of the time I had my camera on automatic. Most of the time I was using the aperature setting.


  2. veerocks

    I love the pictures you took Sis. Buxton.
    Hope your doing well. I’m actually doing quite well. 🙂 I’m on Spring Break this week, finally. Last week was one of the craziest and busiest weeks if had. I had to take both a mid-term Spanish and final for Math all in the same week. I’m so glad that week is over. I’m gonna get going now. I’ll check back soon.

    Hi, my dear. Glad you got over that long lasting sickness and are doing well. Take care of yourself. Keep loving Jesus.


  3. “Majesty! Worship His Majesty!” God knows how to paint the most beautiful skies. It’s wonderful to know that in the middle of our storms the sun comes shining through. I’m sure ya’ll had a wonderful time celebrating. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures!

    Hi, Linda. When I see beauty like this, I often wonder how much more spectacular Heaven will be! What a happy day that will be. Love you.


  4. Isn’t it amazing that though we make plans that God’s plans usually are better? The pics are great and hopefully you were able to proceed today with your plans.

    We boarded the Dreamcatcher around noon, took the 22 minutes trip to the California side of Lake Havasu, and had a delicious lunch. The skies aren’t nearly so pretty today as they were yesterday. It’s a great little trip over there and back.


  5. You took some beautiful pictures, indeed.

    Thank you, Helen. To be honest, the skies in every direction were so spectacular, all I had to do was point my camera upward, and these images, with little effort and skill, pixeled themselves onto my photocard.


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