Really, President Clinton is Introduced as Lincoln

We’ve had a serious week, full of sad, shocking, scary news. It’s Saturday–the weekend–we need a break. Take a look at this video, where unbelievably, but seriously, President Bill Clinton is introduced as Jefferson William Lincoln. Amazing. 🙂 I’m promising you a laugh.

Please…don’t anyone hold it against me that I have now published an ad for Hillary. 😦


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7 thoughts on “Really, President Clinton is Introduced as Lincoln

  1. Well Shirley,

    1. I favor choice. My choice is against abortion, but I think others should speak for themselves.
    I hate guns but favor keeping hunting guns. However, the situation is out of hand. And if we all have to give up guns to keep a few kids alive, I think the lives of those kids are worth the sacrifice.
    The size of the gov’t should be determined by the needs of the people. Smaller may or may not be better.

    2. Tax cuts help the rich at the expense of the poor.

    3. So he’s a war hero. Yipeee. I have the military. Not the men and women in it. But the fact that we have National Fighting Machine. “I ain’t gonna study war no more.”

    4. I am in favor of bringing the troops home NOW.

    5. Health care should be right not a privilege for the rich.

    6. I favor same-sex marriages under the law.

    7. So more of the same is what we’ll get. The US has some real problems.

    8. I disapprove of a border between the US and Mexico. I favor easy admissions to the US and a means whereby Mexicans pay taxes where they work. I also favor Americans paying local taxes where the work, if they work somewhere other than where they live. It isn’t right to come in and take a job, use the roads, etc, then take money back to another place, where you pay property taxes etc. Pay where you work. live where you live.

    I’m more progressive than Obama. But I think I’ll vote for Hillary.

    McCain is, however, Bush-lite and the least awful of the candidates the Republicans could have chosen. He’ll do damage but not a quickly as the others would have.

    Guess you know why I’m a Democrat. I think it’s the best way government can “love it’s neighbor as itself,” which is not to say churches (if they would) and individuals cannot do a better job.

    Given our highly divergent views on politics, Helen, it is easy to see that the only way you and I have become internet friends is because we’re just such two sweet women. 🙂


  2. dean

    I heard about some long-time republicans voting in the primaries, for Billary Clinton. Can’t imagine anyone doing such a underhanded thing! Sis.B, I agree that the choices are very slim this time around. God Bless America!

    Good afternoon, Dean. I’ve also heard of this technique–theoretically because it is thought Hillary Clinton is an easier opponent than is Mr. Obama. Not sure of that…after this week, especially.


  3. Good evening, Helen–

    Some reasons I will vote for McCain.

    1. The plank in the Republican platform that
    opposes abortion
    gives citizens the right to bear arms
    calls for smaller government

    2. He stands for lower government spending and lower taxes. Wants to make Bush’s tax cuts permanent.

    3. He has proven himself a competent military leader. He was a POW, and is a genuine war hero.

    4. He will keep our troops in Iraq until he feels it safe to bring them home.

    5. He believes health care should be more the responsibility of the individual than the responsibility of the government.

    6. He opposes same sex marriages.

    7. He is experienced in governing.

    8. He has approved a border fence between the US and Mexico.

    It probably is not surprising that I have disagreements with Mr. McCain, but of the three candidates, by far he is my choice.

    How do you feel about it all?


  4. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I will try to keep it updated as much as possible! Its good to see you are doing well! I miss you and Brother Buxton! I love you so much and tell your husband the same!

    Sarah Brown

    We would love to see you, Sarah. If you’re ever our way, please stop by. How did your mom’s chemo go yesterday?


  5. I, too, published and ad for Hillary.
    This entire political season has been so disappointing.

    Oh, Jana. I hope you and all my other readers know I do not at all support Hillary Clinton and will not vote for her. Senator McCain was certainly not my favorite among the Republican candidates, but I will vote for him.

    Disappointing season? Yes, sadly so.


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