Governor Eliot Spitzer Involved in Prostitution Ring

I weep for my country.


BREAKING NEWS: Democratic Gov. Eliot Spitzer was ‘client No. 9’ in prostitution ring.

It is this sort of behavior that reinforces my belief that much of a politician’s private life, and certainly his stance on moral issues, is important information that should be available to the citizens of our country. And yes, such knowledge should accompany us as we enter the voting booth.

It is sickening that, on the spot, he did not resign. I pity his wife and family.


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7 thoughts on “Governor Eliot Spitzer Involved in Prostitution Ring

  1. Sis Buxton,
    The first thing I thought of this morning when I heard this story on my radio, was; “What about the girls?” All of his girls are teenagers. What a foundation of immorality he has set. Those children are at the most tender yaesr of their lives, so sad.


  2. It saddens me that the integrity of such high offices of the President and Govenors can be demoralized. Integrity really is a character trait that leaders should possess. I feel discussions of this should be separated from what I believe a sinner to be as far as my religious stand. A believer isn’t a requirement for the office of Govenor but I do feel integrity is.


  3. Mervi

    I am going to get into trouble again!
    If you have two unregenerated men or two unregenerated women, one unregenerated man and one unregenerated women. Anything and repeat anything can happen.
    His history of being so hard on this type of action will make it much harder on or for him.

    My heart goes out to his wife and children.



  4. Jay Burns

    All the speculation I’ve heard from the “experts” say that he may be holding onto his position as a bargaining chip in the legal process. Believing that a prosecutor may not charge him in the matter if he agrees to resign his post.

    Even as arrogant and demeaning as he has a history of being, I hate to see his and the lives of his loved ones damaged by such a scandle.

    It seems as though when we are in the midst of sin we can only see how it effects us. This, however, is a shining example of how sin works. I’m sure Mr. Spitzer would have said 20 years ago that he would never be caught up in such a thing. If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.


  5. dean

    Doesn’t this picture say a MILLION words? And I agree Sis.Buxton, this would have been the perfect time to fess up and do the right thing….resign. How much of tax payers money will be spent on this issue until he finally takes responsibility for his actions? I also feel for his wife and daughters.

    From reports I’ve heard, he is arrogant and demeaning. It’s hard to think he won’t resign…but remember Bill Clinton…never would have thought he could stay in office…and then be reelected.


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