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Demon Possessed Children

An astonishing story is being reported in which hundreds of African school children appeared to have been demon possessed. While I have had the pleasure of traveling a modest amount in various places in the world, I have never been to Africa, but it is one of the places I want to visit before the end of my life. I am especially interested in joining a safari and exploring the big game areas. But, while I’m an inquisitive and intrepid traveler, I have a significant amount of reluctance to becoming embroiled in a situation that involves demon possession.

I have read a fair amount concerning the continent of Africa and have friends who have both lived and visited there, and I believe it is accurate to conclude there are parts of Africa where there does seems to be a heavy demonic influence.

Kampala – More than 100 students in a western Ugandan school become possessed by demonic spirits, Uganda’s state-run newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The New Vision said that authorities at Sir Tito Winyi Primary School in the western district Hoima described the “hysterical” students as suffering from a demonic attack.

“The situation is bad. About 100 pupils are totally mad. They are chasing everybody including teachers and fellow pupils, throwing stones, banging doors and windows,” the paper quoted headmaster Vincent Kitende as saying.

Kitende said that a similar incident took place at the school late last year, affecting more than 200 students that time, according to the paper.

The complete article is here.

What is to be thought of this? What of witch doctors?How is it there is such a stronghold in Africa? Do they really have the power to cast spells on children and on schools? It is frightening to think this is so, but there are so many such reports that one can only conclude the stories to be true.

Certainly the Bible substantiates the thought of demon possession. However, I am definitely of the mind that a Christian is not subject to the powers of witch doctors…for the power of Jesus Christ exceeds that of all others.

Any thoughts? Have you had any experiences or observations of demon possession or oppression?


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By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 83 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

17 replies on “Demon Possessed Children”

There are demonic things we see and hear all the time. Look at Beyonce when she talks about “Sasha”, she recalls when the demon entered her and she says herself that sasha is angry and dances in ways she cannot and sings like she cant. Lady gaga and nicky minaj are also possesed and its clear in interviews. Nicky said that someone conjured up “roman” into her and ive asked him to leave but he wont and he is very angry.
The superbowl 2013 beyonces whole dance was probably some satanic dance. I just stay away from secular because you do not know what and who they are singing to.
Demonic activity is real, God is bigger though.


I am searching this site for some very basic information. When I was 15, I went on a mission trip and came into close contact with the demon possessed. Let me tell you that it is like nothing you have ever seen. I know that it is real because the bible says that it exists. Yes, greater is he that is in us (as Christians) than he that in the world. and have been raised in the church all my life. However, until I went through clinical depression, I did not realize how oppressed a person can be. I was so uncomfortable that I could not sleep, ate very little and if it had not been for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I would not have made it. As a result, I am much stronger in the Lord.
Now, here is my question. I work with very small children (0-3) in Southerastern USA. I am an early intervention specialist. Occasionally, we will see children who have a multitude of behavioral problems. Now, we know that most of them have a true behavioral issue. However, once in awhile we come across a child that appears to act as thought they are possesed. Or, we suspect they may be possessed. These particular children are children who ahve been either neglected, rejected or birthed into an atmosphere of extreme drug abuse and/or prostitution. Can any one tell me what is characteristc of children this young who could be possessed. I should add that I am a very sensible person and not given to hysteria or I couldn’t do the job I do. Does anyone have any experience with children this small?

Thank you,


Dan, I have lived in Uganda and still visit there at least once a year and know the region you mention. I have came many times face to face with people who are demonized. A true believer has no fear for “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” However, you don’t play with satan! And like someone said, make sure of what neat stuff you bring home because it could have been used in demon worship. A Christian cannot be possessed however, when you bring things into you home it could have a demon attached and you ahve invited it into your home.
We have had demon worshippers, people who were demon possessed enter into our church services and try to disreupt, but God is still God.
The things that Hollywood calls entertainments is real in thrid world countries. One of my churches is under spiritual attack. The church was completely destroyed in a “storm?” and no other building around the church were touched.. Makes you want to say hmmmm.. Two weeks ago, although the church is destroyed, there were 5 Moslums who came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Churst, along with 6 people from “Other” religions. ( demon worshippers, etc.) were also saved. Then a 16 year old boy who was born paralized walked home after the morning serivce. What to hear something that will make you sit up and say,” Now I understand why they are under spiritual attack. We have had 2 people who were dead, raised!!


There is also the common thought that children of a certian age will follow others and others actions. here kids with no direction tend to follow the bad gangs and if they’re getting attention by acting nutty then they’d continue to do it. it would appear to me that demon possession would be more super natural than banging on windows and throwing rocks – those child just sound barbaric and unsocialized rather than possessed.


Beware of “anonymous ” above, ads on this site promote witchcraft. If you want help, it will take faith in the blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse you from all unrighteousness and it would help to find someone who lives Godly and believes in exercising the power and authority of the name of Jesus over the works of darkness. I agree with the warnings on souvenirs, ouiji boards, horoscopes, foretune-tellers, and even role playing games where spirits are summoned. Jesus comes to set the captive free so believe on him and he will free you!!

Thank you, Tom. I removed the post. God bless you in Jesus name.


I am so glad to hear this testimony. I’ve known these things really happen for a long time. It’s amazing still to me that some people just don’t believe. It would be great if this was just a silly imagining. Vicki, I applaud you for your work for God. 20 years is a very long time! Thank you!! Oh, those precious little children who have no say in it! They have no clue, but you are helping them with that. Glory be! God bless and keep and strengthen you!


All you people who believe this are crazy. These kind of things are what brings Africa down.
I was watching a program somewhere in Benin about parents who didnt have enough school fees but had money (which was more than double or even triple) to send them to voodoo schools to get “de-demonised.”
Now tell me, whats the future for these kids.
Children are very susceptible to anything an adult teachs them that they themselves may begin to believe and behave like a demon.

Add mass hystreria, moral panic into the mix, you have a bunch of CRAZY people.

PLEASE WAKE UP PEOPLE and lets accept that those things DO NOT exist.
They are so MANY powerful unknown mind altering plants in Africa that can have psychotic effects.
People fail to realise that the mind is the most powerfull and complicated instrument on earth.

Lets move on from this babaric period, its embaracing to see how we Africans degrade ourselves.


I worked with a very nice womanin her 20’s from Haiti, and she was a hard worker, and very normal in every way. I brought up accidentally a story on the news about voodo, and she became petrified. As i inquired further she told me she would not even discuss it only this once. She went on to tell of seeing its consequences and that it was extremely real and not to be messed with. Her fear was tangible.

Hello, Kim Wing–Welcome to my blog. Hope you are here often.

I have heard often of such reactions to people who have lived around such manifestations. It’s a frightening thing.

Blessings to you–


I think that there is alot of demonic influence in our daily lives. We have become so accustom to it, that we don’t realize it. It is good that we don’t because the church says we should ignore all of those signs and concentrate directly on God. He alone is the most powerful. With God on our side, we are sure to overpower all evil. But acknowledging the fact that other people are possibly under the influence of demons is good. Offer prayers for these people…there is nothing we can do ourselves but pray. And also have your house blessed yearly. Befriend a priest and consult him on the smallest issues, because they are earthly representatives of God’s disciples. With their guidence and with our complete trust in God, we are sure to conquer anything placed before us. Thanks for your time.


Hi, I’m Tracie’s sister. She emailed me the link to your blog. After being in Africa for 20 years I think I could add to what you have written. (unfortunately) Witch Craft is real, before others jump up and scream let me say that I am glad we do know the ONE that is greater! For Him to be greater there must be others that are lesser.

As my official appointment is Regional Children’s Ministry – Africa, I have traveled all over Africa working with children. I have been to Kampala – yes it is real there! I have been to the D. R. Congo where children can barely lift their heads in the presence of the Almighty!

Here in Malawi, where we live, my daughter and I saw 2 very young girls hide behind clothes as we began to pray and worship. Their grandmother is a Witch Doctor and has ‘dubbed’ them to carry on her legacy. We prayed for these very young (maybe 4 and 6 yrs) girls. It has taken much prayer and fasting and educating parents of who they allow to be around their children.

I am so excited to say that within the church, across the continent we are seeing a break through among our children.

Sorry, that I have taken up so much space but unfortunately your article is dead on. Please keep praying for the Children of Africa! We are going to reach Africa one child at at time! I don’t really buy into ‘changing’ our world but I do believe in ‘reaching’ it! Blessings!


Having lived in Africa, I have witnessed first hand demon possessed people. The stories are too long to tell, but there is a story that happened right here in our little town. A teenage boy attended our church and his mother and sister were strongly into witchcraft, Ouiji boards, etc. There were several occasions the boy called us late at night because he was feeling demonic spirits and was scared. We would pray with him and encourage him to rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus. His mother and sister were playing with the Ouiji board and he began to call on the name of Jesus. They got mad and told him to get out because when he said “Jesus,” the Ouiji board would go crazy. Yes, demonic spirits are real, but greater is He that is within me.


We witnessed a very powerful demonic display in a service only a couple of Sunday mornings ago. I know that many countries participate in demonic activity as a part of their “worship”. I have a sister that has been a missionary to Africa for 20 years. I will direct her to your site for some input, too. I do know this is a very real thing. Just as has been stated in the communique there is power in the name of Jesus to set free every person bound or oppressed.

Hi, Tracie–I’ll look forward to your sister’s comments on this important subject. Thanks for your remarks.


I suspect that there is more demonic possession and obsession in our own part of the world than we would like to admit.

There is such a phenomenon as mass hysteria, but along with ailments of the mind we believe there are invisible realities that can assault the soul.

Pagan lands where witchcraft is openly practice provide entry-ways for the demonic. Christians can be afflicted, particularly when they compromise their faith with superstitions and occult practices.

Exorcism is usually focused upon persons, but priests assigned to this work also seek the liberation of places and things. The Catholic Church tries to deal with cases of possession in a quiet and secretive fashion. There are too many who sensationalize it, which can actually fuel and expand the demonic sphere of influence.

Hello–so good to hear from you.

I agree that devil possession and the casting out of same is often sensationalized, and that it should not be. My husband is adamant that too much attention is paid to the devil. In our Pentecostal churches we have a few jazzy songs that speak of the devil in a spirited way–“The devil don’t want no prayin’ goin’ on here…” that sort of thing. Jerry just does not like those songs, and when we were pastoring, I can recall him speaking with the worship leader, and while not forbidding the songs, strongly emphasizing that it is better to use songs that lift up Jesus.

You may be right about there being a greater amount of possession than we are likely to think. I have personally seen little of it–perhaps 4 or 5 instances during my lifetime.


Sis. Buxton, Bill and I have been to Africa and on Safari. We did not witness any thing out of normal. So, guess we were not anywhere near where this occurance took place. I do believe in Demon possession. But, I believe the name of Jesus will cause them to flee. This is a very deep subject and lots of people do not agree along these lines. But, that does not matter because The Bible is the Word and that is the truth.

Hi, Esther. It is an unpleasant, frightening subject, but I am convinced that such things do exist. I’d rather they didn’t.


So I take it you have never read the Crucible in highschool, or actually researched the scientific explanation behind mass hystria. Often, in third world countries, things like the water supply can be tainted with bacteria or viruses that can have symptoms that may resemble ‘possesion’ or things of that sort. There are hallucengenic plants that can cause the same effects to the uneducated observer. You have also based an assumption on all of Africa based on one observer’s interpetation, not knowing his state of mind, or if he is reliable.

Do more research – then make a conclusion.

Hello, Dan–

I’m not sure if you are addressing Linda or me, but I’m quite sure neither of us has “based an assumption on all of Africa based on one observer’s interpetation, not knowing his state of mind, or if he is reliable.” I have read much on the subject, and have spoken with many people with “hands on experience,” and I also am aware of mass hysteria. I agree that certain plants, diseases and medications can cause mental aberration. Linda has visited several countries where such problems are prevalent.

However, unfortunately, and as unpleasant as it is to consider, there is such a thing as devil possession. The Bible gives clear reference to such.

Thank you for your comments.


I have been to a number of places where demonic influences are prevalent: Haiti, Papua New Guinea, and Africa. Listen to Haitian voodoo drums beating into the night once or twice and you’ll get the creeps.

While I agree with you that the MIND of a true Christian believer is not subject to the power of a witch doctor, Christians have to be alert to the powers of darkness. I absolutely believe that an unsuspecting Christian can “invite”, if you will, demonic influence into their lives and the lives of those around them.

Masks, fetishes, and other items which could have been consecrated to the devil or used in demonic activities can bring all manner of demonic influence with them. I am extremely careful what sorts of “souvenirs” I bring back when I travel. As cool as masks can be, you couldn’t pay me to bring one into my house and hang it on my wall! Who knows what might come with it.

As an ER nurse I have come into contact with the demon possessed and demon oppressed. In fact, on a number of particularly scary occasions, even the most staunchly non-Christian nurses would, in all seriousness, say that “we need to get a priest, cuz that what that guy needs a exorcism”. I believe that drug use can “invite” demons into your life. The use of mind altering substances is an integral part of demon worship and ancestor worship around the world.

Witch doctors can be very dangerous as they draw on the power of “ancestors” and “spirits”. The more powerful the demons that the witch doctor calls on and is in cahoots with, the more powerful the witch doctor.

Be sober, be vigilant, for your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour….(1 Peter 5:8)

Hi, Linda. Good to hear from you.

You bring excellent reminders into this conversation, especially as regards souvenirs, something many people would not even consider. Playing around with such things as Ouiji boards fall into the same category, I think.

While I don’t believe we have to cower with fear, the devil and his powers are real.

Have a great weekend.


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