Gulf Coast Ladies Retreat–Part 4

Jackson Home, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

More than thirty years ago, Pastor Jackson and his wife went to the Houston suburb of Highlands, and in a double-wide mobile home began the establishing of a church. God has tremendously blessed their hard work and their faithfulness, and now the church owns several acres, with a beautiful sanctuary, a gymnasium building, and other small houses. A few years ago the men of the church, along with Pastor Jackson, built this lovely home where the pastor and and his wife now live.

Visible through the dining room windows is this view of their back yard. I loved looking at those magnificent trees.

Dozens of birds fly around this wooded area. Many are black, some are brown, and once I saw a flaming scarlet one. I exclaimed at its beauty, and Pastor Jackson said, “They’re shy, those red ones. They don’t stay long.” Sure enough, before I could grab my camera, the tiny crimson jewel had flown.


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