Gulf Coast Ladies Retreat

The ladies conference in Highlands, Texas (Houston) has been an outstanding meeting, and  concluded  in the early afternoon today. I’m not able to post from the home where we’re staying, but as soon as I can, I have pictures and great reports to share with you.

Jerry is preaching at a church here in Highlands tomorrow, then we fly to Lake Havasu on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Gulf Coast Ladies Retreat

  1. veerocks

    Just thought I would stop by and say hi. Sorry its been awhile. I have finally gotten over the horrible virus that I had for the last two week. And I have also been a little busy working on school stuff. As I write, I have just finished writing an essay about 3 or 4 min. ago. I’m so glad I finished. Well, I think I should get going to bed I have school tomorrow. Talk to you soon!

    Hello, my dear young lady. Wish you well.


  2. Jo Ann

    Sis. Buxton,
    I just returned from the Gulf Coast Retreat. It was my first year. What an unforgetting experience. I purchased the set of your books and look foward to recieving them via mail. Once again thank you for your audacity. I am 4th generation pentacost. I am proud of my heritage, but what a shame if I allow it to be come degraded and unscared…Buy the truth and sell it not. No, heritage will not get me to heaven, but the Truth will.
    In the Lord’s Love,
    Jo Ann Williams
    Jo Ann

    Hi, Jo Ann, wasn’t that the greatest retreat–unforgettable for sure. I am trusting and believing in you. Thank you for being here on my blog. Hope you read and comment often.


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