Adventure at McCarran

You know me–I like having internet service readily available, and here I am at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, with fast, free internet service! This is a busy, large airport and it has been quite a job this morning as we dealt with our luggage and a box and one suitcase full of books…books that I’m hoping those sweet people in Texas will snap up so that we will come back with one empty suitcase. Jerry dropped me off with the luggage, went to the long-term area, parked the car, then joined me to check everything in. The Nascar races are in town and everything is jammed, forcing him to park on the 5th level.

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but the airport situation in Lake Havasu is one of its few negative aspects. When Jerry and I travel together again, we may choose to spend the night here in Las Vegas, then shuttle from the hotel to the airport, so that we don’t have this long very early morning drive. I arose at 3:55 this morning, and it was 10:00 when we arrived at our gate a few minutes ago. (Actually, we have gained an hour, so that it is only 9:00 here. Our flight is scheduled for 9:55.)

Poor Jerry! He chose to hand-carry  his toiletries case….and at the luggage check-in they snagged his deodorant. Oh, well, we’ll make a trip to Walgreen’s or some such place.

Just called us to line up. See you.

2 thoughts on “Adventure at McCarran

  1. Hi Shirley, Yes I don’t remember but I am glad that u remember.

    I have seen Las Vegas in films, it looks like a dream city. You must be enjoyin a lot.

    Have fun


  2. On flying: I reccomend watching Saturday Night Live reruns (no, really!). I rarely fly anymore. I just HATE it. I’ve been in McCarran’s many times, never had a bad time… but I’m not willing to tempt it. However, if you are ever stuck at the Reno/Tahoe Airport, call me and I’ll come keep you company. Teraisa J. Rogers


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