Master’s Cup Photography

If you admire great photography–sometimes raw and startling–you must see these pictures from the Photography Master’s Cup. Photo Journalism speaks powerfully, sans one word.

Streetcorner Barber. Hanoi, Vietnam

Name: Don Gurewitz

Country: USA

Title: Streetcorner Barber. Hanoi, Vietnam

Queen Vic. Market 4.30am

Name: jo hanley

Country: UK

Title: Queen Vic. Market 4.30am


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4 thoughts on “Master’s Cup Photography

  1. Aisha Buxton

    Hi Dear Granny! All is well in Carson City, NV… I don’t want to ramble on about personal happenings when I should comment about the topic posted (if my e-mail is visible to you please e-mail me your address to KIT). I can hardly handle the reality of the first photo… it’s amazing how humanity can cope in harsh circumstances. Even in seeing that photo, I can imagine hearing the laughter of children playing in the background; God bless those who inherit poverty stricken lives with happiness that only God, family, and simplicity of life brings. Please God let them have nourishment to their body and soul.


  2. Jay Burns

    While growing up in Iowa I had the privledge of working on a pig farm. This was my first job. I was 14 at the time and scooping manure off the floor of the ferrowing pens constituted the bulk of my duties. If there is one thing I learned from this experience it was this; Who ever said pigs are smart animals never worked with them.

    Good pictures. One more reason not to eat pork products.



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