The Times of Your Life–Part 5

DSC_0111, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

A significant part of almost any Apostolic service is its music, and the recent conference in Visalia certainly reflected this pattern. Karen Harding was the worship leader and she, along with the praise team she had gathered, did a splendid job. The excellence of form was exceeded only by the soul-stirring emotion and spirit such music elicits.

Karen is a joy. She is an artful, ambitious, hard-working, talented, funny, and God-loving woman, and we were distinctly blessed to have her in charge of the music for this conference.

Other outstanding singers used their beautiful voices to worship our God. Summer Schexnayder and Jana Allard who both have incredible voices were among those. Pictured here is Stephany Parkey as she lifted her exceptional voice in praise to our Master.

Adorable Bryn Allard was the youngest singer.

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