The Times of Your Life–Part 6

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Kathy Hernandez was the main speaker for the significant ladies conference– a precious, humble woman. Not only is she a widely regarded speaker, she is a talented musician.


11 thoughts on “The Times of Your Life–Part 6

  1. arm5

    Your blogs on the womens conference has been awesome. It sounds like you guys had awesome services. I love Sister Hernadez about two years at Ladies Conference she is an anoited musician and speaker.


  2. I love Kathy Hernandez! I heard her testimony a few years back in Indiana and I wept the entire service because we share some of the same heart aches. She so inspired me and I will never forget the blessings of her words.


  3. Sis. Buxton, What an awesome conference it was. I was blessed from beginning to end. From each and every speaker to each and every singer. I was a huge sponge just soaking it all up. Now it is time for me to take all that I heard and apply it to my life. Yes, I dare to have the audacity to pass this precious Legacy on down to my grandson and believe and trust in him to carry on with this Gospel. Thank you for being one of the ones who were sensitive to God and speaking such a powerful message to us.

    love you,


  4. ‘Twas a great conference indeed. Even though I was very sick I still received blessings from the word. It is always good to see and fellowship with my sisters in the Lord. I really appreciated your message too. I feel exactly the same way. I also really appreciated Sis. Nita’s message. WOW!

    I’m so happy for Joel and Aisha. I know they will do great in Carson City.
    Blessings to you and Bro. Buxton


  5. The message from Sister Hernandez on unforgivingness was powerful and will help me for the rest of my life – so will yours. I believe too.
    And the anointing on the saxophone was awesome!


  6. Hi Sister Buxton,

    I have enjoyed reading your posts about Ladies’ Conference since I wasn’t able to go this year. Sounds like it was mightily blessed of God, and I have heard good reports from several ladies I know that attended. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Carol, I missed you, and yes, it was a wonderful conference.


  7. Jean Walter

    Sis Buxton:

    I have recently been visiting your blogs. How exciting to reminisce over the last forty years of knowing you.
    First I met you as “Aunt Shirley” when Sharon introduced us. Then over the years I have watched you from a distance but kept up with things going on with you. We prayed for you and Bro Buxton when he was hit along side the freeway. Your leadership in the Western District Ladies Ministries has blessed me over and over.

    One incident I recall is the mix up with reservations at the conference in the mountains (before San Bernardino) when you came knocking on all the doors of the rooms to see who was where. Sis Eve Faulkner and I was napping in the bungalows down below, with the door open when you walked in and counted heads.

    I recently found out you were raised in Springfield Missouri… adding another kinship, since my mom and dad were from that area.

    Now you and Bro Buxton are in Lake Havasu still giving of yourselves. I am blessed by your Christian walk and showing that you care for people. I appreciate you allowing the LOVE OF CHRIST to flow through you. Continue reaching out to others.

    You go girl!
    Love Jean Walter

    Hey, Jean. What a treat to hear from you, and to listen to all those sweet remarks. Yes, I remember that retreat when the conference center failed to give us the rooms we had reserved. It was a nightmare–one of the first meetings after we changed to two conferences. We had them back to back–first in the north, then we flew down with the speakers to the southern conference. We’ve learned a lot since then.

    Love you….hope to see you some day.


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