The Times of Your Life–Part 3

Lil White and Time, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

For more than 30 years, I believe, my dear friend Lillian White was the ladies ministries president of the Western District, and it was under her leadership that our ladies conferences were begun. In the beginning we referred to them as ladies retreats, as they were held in rustic retreat settings.

During the 25th anniversary conference in Visalia she was honored in many ways. One involved calling her to the front and presenting her with an elegant single crimson rose. She is a beautiful and very dear woman of God. I have seen Lillian faced with extreme challenges, and while I have seen her hurt–and expressing such hurt–I cannot recall ever seeing her angry with anyone. Truly, I cannot…and I have known her intimately for more than 50 years.

In this column, I want to add this personal tribute to Lillian White. The richness of my life has been enhanced by knowing her, and any skills I may possess in a similar area are to a great extent a result of sitting at counsel with her, of talking in private with her, of praying and crying and rejoicing together…over a very long period.

She is deserving of any honor and praise extended to her.


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5 thoughts on “The Times of Your Life–Part 3

  1. Brenda G

    Thank you for the tribute to Lillian White. I love seeing her each year at Ladies Conference. She always is so beautiful, inside and out, that I think of her as our Ladies Conference Queen. She still has a bit of a little girl in her spirit, so I also think she is our princess, too! Thank you, Sister White, for your many years of labor for the ladies of California and Nevada. Your work is still going forward.

    Brenda, you are so right about her having a bit of a little girl in her spirit. She is still inquisitive and ever learning. In Visalia, she felt of my hair–stiffened with an extra-hold spray–and asked me, “Shirley, what kind of hair spray do you use?” She has always been that way and will no doubt continue so as long as she lives. Love that about her.


  2. Beautiful pictures, but more than that… such a beautiful tribute to you dear friend. I so cherish my friendships and mentor-relationships with strong Christian women.


    Jayleigh, Lil is such a dear. Hope you can meet her someday. The saddest thing is that she is nearly blind now from macular degeneration.


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