Off to Phoenix

In their Ridgeline truck, on Saturday, our friends Harold and Pam Kern traveled with us from Visalia to Lake Havasu. When we arrived at the hotel we had reserved for them, The Islander, we found there to be a discrepancy in the reservation–the clerk there showing our friends to arrive on Sunday instead of Saturday. They tried to be accommodating, but the hotel was full, and finally the men put the luggage back in the truck, and the Kerns drove to another hotel where the management at The Islander had arranged a room for them.

We were exhausted when we arrived at our motorhome, but after a good night’s sleep, we tramped off to our little church for our Sunday morning 9:00 o’clock service. Harold Kern preached an absolute masterpiece, a riveting presentation of the Word of God. Using the unique story of the prophet Hosea and his wife, Gomer, he preached on “Walking with God.”

By 2:00 in the afternoon we four were on the road again, in our Jeep heading to Phoenix where in the evening service, Harold Kern preached again. This Monday morning, I’m sitting in the Phoenix Crown Plaza Hotel. Guess what! Free internet service. Cheers!

I have a little more to tell you about the Ladies Conference when I can grab enough time…hold on!

4 thoughts on “Off to Phoenix

  1. Shirley… I don’t do half of the things you do! I don’t know if I could, between nursing a cold last week and just working hard this week and preparing for whatever comes in my near future… I’m completely amazed at the abilities the Lord has gifted you with. He is truly an awesome God.


  2. Heard a little about your message at Ladies Conference, looking forward to hearing more. It was a bummer not being able to attend.

    However, it was so good to hear about the Kerns. It has been years since we last saw them. If my memory serves me right, the last time was when the Kerns and us still lived in the Central Valley. Hope you will be posting some pictures.


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