The Times of Your Life–Part 2

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Nita Hodges is the Ladies Ministries President of what is now the Southern California district, and without a doubt she is among the premiere of Apostolic speakers. The highlight of the services yesterday occurred in the morning session when she spoke. Perhaps the word is overused, but there is not a better one to describe those sacred hours than powerful.

The topic had been announced as: The Bible–God’s Word to His people, and her presentation was anointed and impeccable. The conclusion of the service involved women gathering in groups with their loved ones as they presented Bibles to them. Mothers gathered with daughters and grandmothers with granddaughters. It was a dynamic moving service.

Beautiful Sarah fell on the neck of her grandmother, Maxine Wilson, as together they spoke of their love for each other, of the work of God, and of His Word.

Not only was it older women making presentations to their granddaughters, but young women were giving precious copies of the Bible to their daughters.


I was positioned so that I watched Tiffany Groggan as she presented a Bible to her young daughter. I cried too as I watched them cry, and pray and read together.




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7 thoughts on “The Times of Your Life–Part 2

  1. Your message was awesome! Thank you for it!I love you Sis Buxton.
    I looked for all my new blogging friends but didn’t find any but one – Sis Jolene Mendoza – the very first service.
    I have books that you autographed for me at Camp Meeting, so I have met you! 🙂


  2. Nancy Oliver

    It was so nice to see you at Ladies conferance. I love to read your blog!thank you for being such a godly example of a true christian lady. Love ya.


  3. It was so wonderful to chat with you and to hear your AWESOME message. I’m so blessed to know that you BELIEVE IN ME! As long as I live I shall never ever forget that message. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love you so much. 🙂


  4. Sara, who happens to be my niece, was the recipient of one of my mother’s worn Bibles. My mother is nearly 82 years old and I am glad Sara was able to have this “moment” with her. It was such a touching service. Actually, you and Sis. Hodges could have “preached” the entire conference. I already told you privately, but I will say it again publicly, “Thank you, Sis. Buxton, for your message and believing in the younger generations.” My children and so many others, need such encouragement from the elders. It was great to visit with you and your dear husband. You two make such a great team. I love you both dearly.


  5. I feel special because I got to hug you. 🙂 I always get such a joy out of seeing you, even if for a short moment, and Bro. Buxton. He was very chipper and seemed so content and happy.

    I enjoyed your teaching, as always, and was so proud of you. You are very precious to me, Sis. Buxton. I love you.

    I agree with you about Sis. Hodges’ message. It was very powerful and I believe things took place in the spirit that will affect the future generation. It was a wonderful conference.


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