Crystal Glass Music

Last evening I came across splendid music coaxed from crystal glasses. The calibre of music that rose from the glass amazed me and I wanted to share it with you. Unfortunately, I was not able to embed that performance, but I encourage you to click here, go to Fliggo and listen to this amazing musician. The music is ethereal, almost unbelievable.

I did bring over another group, which also presents a beautiful performance.

Edit: Friday afternoon. Tena found the video I wanted on YouTube, so I have now loaded it here. It is at the top of the page. Thank you, Tena. I looked on YouTube this morning, but evidently not very well.


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6 thoughts on “Crystal Glass Music

  1. This afternoon I could not view the duo. Now I did. Their technique is a little different, but it is quite a show to watch. The first one is definitely my favorite!
    I notice several kind of glasses and different levels of liquid. I’m curious to see what you find out Sis Buxton. Thank you for being our very own “Inspecteur Clouzot” 🙂


  2. Jana McVay

    Oh My!! He plays those glasses better than I play the piano!! LOL Truly beautiful music and I was awed by both performances! Thank you for sharing such beauty!

    Jana, isn’t that amazing? I’ve known you could circle your finger around a crystal glass and produce a musical tone, but I never knew anyone had taken the art to such extent. The music in the first video is heavenly…


  3. I love it! It sounds so beautiful! Ethereal you are right! Like a heavenly harp!
    I noticed the water – he had to really work on this to get it perfectly “tuned”.

    I need to read more about this technique. I wonder if there are varying sizes of glass, or is it only the amount of water that differs to produce the pitches?


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