Of Laundry, Love and Jerry

Red Rose, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Yesterday I did laundry. Jerry carried the sorted loads to the car, from the shed took out the carrier where we keep the detergent, beach and softening strips, unloaded the clothes at the laundry room, then went to the office to buy a roll of quarters for I didn’t have enough and the coin machine was not working.

He said good-bye and left the room. He would run an errand while I finished the laundry, then would return and help me load it all into the car.

It took him forever, and as I was folding the last few pieces, I had decided to just leave the now clean clothes in DJs laundry and walk back to the motor home instead of carrying them up DJ’s street. Then after Jerry returned with the car, we could go back for the clothes. Just then, though, as I was mentally finishing my plans, Jerry walked through the door, telling me how he had been delayed..and so on.

We drove to the motor home, I carried a small load in my hand, and as I walked through the doorway, I smelled them. There were flowers in our motor home. There it was…a large, beautiful arrangement. Jerry grinned…and I understood the delay in the laundry room. My honey had bought flowers to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Taken in a place with no name (See more photos here)

Wish you could see them and catch their scent. They’re beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Day, Jerry. Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody.


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6 thoughts on “Of Laundry, Love and Jerry

  1. Farrell Forrest Jr.

    Shirley, those flowers have such a strong scent I can smell them even in Chile. Happy Valentine’s day, enjoy your flowers and say hello to Jerry for me.

    Love Jr.

    Jr., I cried when I read this. I’m sorry for the loss of your love.


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