Across the Lake for Dinner

“Could we have a window table?”

The waitress looked around the restaurant and considered the options. “Sure, you may have the corner area.” She led the five of us to the edge of the room, we seated ourselves, and began taking in the view. It was early evening, and aboard the Dreamcatcher we had just crossed Lake Havasu, traveling out of Arizona into California. The ship docked at Havasu Landing Resort on the western shores of the lake in the beautiful Chemehuevi Valley, the home of the Chemehuevi Indian tribe.

Our friends, Debbie and Kelly Howard and their son, Kyle, were visiting us, we needed a place to eat dinner, so we had bundled up against the cold, and traveled the beautiful waters that cut through the desert landscape.

Our meals were delicious, and we lingered long at the table. Clearly visible across the water was the city of Lake Havasu. We watched as the sun dipped, its angle lighting a window here and there, until at last the sunlight was gone, and the city was a veritable strip of colored lights. Our city–beautiful Lake Havasu.





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8 thoughts on “Across the Lake for Dinner

  1. aprdmomy

    How wonderful to see the Howards! Please give them my love. (Prayers to0 for Bro. Weems)

    Hi, Bek. The Howards drove straight through to Texas to be with the Weems–recall that Jody Weems in Debbie Howard’s sister. It was a 19 hour trip from here. They left Monday evening, and we’re waiting to hear an update, but so far don’t know any more.

    Love you


  2. It sounds fun… though I wonder if you and I share the same idea of what “cold” is…. it’s 1 degree here right now and the wind chill is -23. That’s what I think cold feels like! 🙂

    I have been thinking of you much lately, wondering how you’re doing and if there is anything specific I can pray for.

    With warm thoughts,

    Hi, Jayleigh. I will be emailing you in a few hours.

    You’re right about the definition of cold. If it had been really cold, we probably wouldn’t have taken a boat trip to go to dinner. It has been an especially cold winter for Lake Havasu, though, they say. Lows in the high 30s at night, highs in the high 40s–low 50s. It’s warming now, though.


  3. Sounded like such a great time for you all. Loved seeing the picture of the Howards. Haven’t seen them for ever-so-long – and it is nice to keep up, even if it is through the internet. Did see Sis. Bonnie Ketner, Sis Debbie’s mom, a few weeks ago and she got us up to speed on the Howards’ comings and goings.

    Hi, Karen. Before the Howard’s leave, I want to talk with Debbie more about her mother, Bonnie. Do you know that she is 85, and still, once a month, teaches a youth Sunday school class? Amazing. I’m going to gather all the details and write a column about her.


  4. Okay… that just seems like a blast! Taking a boat, across the state line… for dinner! With good friends! Doesn’t get much better than that!

    I can’t help it. Quite often, especially after I’ve had a delightful visit with friends, I try to imagine how Heaven will be. Really how it will be. Day after day, … years …eons with friends and with wonderful Jesus. Talking, loving, rejoicing, exploring (?)..what a day that will be when my Jesus I will see.

    But back to earthly things…you and hubby come see us here in Lake Havasu. I promise you a good time.


  5. Sounds like you all had fun. Makes me want to get out and do something fun. lol By the way, you take really good pictures!

    Jen, you need to beg and plead with your parents to take a trip over here to Lake Havasu. We would love to have you…and I promise you a boat ride. 🙂


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