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Monday Morning Mysteries

Well, last week’s mystery of the UFOs in Texas has been solved.(At least to the satisfaction of some.) But here at the beginning of the week, a couple of other unexplained phenomena have emerged, and knowing the caliber of you who read here, I’m submitting them for your examination. Smack your Sherlock hat onto your head, gather your investigative tools, and solve these mysteries, please.

In Herefordshire, England, Russell Bird snapped this picture of a flock of sheep who strangely formed a circle, baffling the farmers and others who saw this strange occurrence. There were about 100 in the ring. Strangely, another circle of sheep had formed in a pasture three fields over. The formations lasted about ten minutes before dispersing.

Clues here.

Closer to home is this mystery surrounding the Empire State Building.

NEW YORK — It’s been dubbed the “Empire State Building Effect.” And now questions are being raised as to whether the famous skyscraper may really be Manhattan’s version of the Bermuda Triangle.

Every day about 10-15 cars and trucks simply stop working within a 5-block radius of the 102-story building, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

In one recent incident, a person said he had to lock his vehicle manually because the keyless remote-controlled lock was disabled. He came back to find he was locked out and had to call a car service which used a crowbar to get the door open, the Daily News writes.

New York City clues here.

Okay, there you are–two mysteries laid out for you to solve. Jerry and I must run to Phoenix today and won’t be home until tomorrow, although I might be able to check my site this evening–not sure. Anyway, I’ll be expecting your wise comments and proffered solutions.


My devotional blog is here.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

12 replies on “Monday Morning Mysteries”

Hey Shirley, We all do have a train to ride!!! The Gospel train!

For those wondering what Shirley and I are talking about – the link my name takes you to is for a workshop I am organising called Train Ride With Jesus; stories of grace, sheep, goats and radical discipleship. Geoff Bullock, who wrote such classics as Power of Your Love and Have Faith in God is one of the speakers.

Shirley I love popping over to your blog and catching up with what your doing.

Thank you, Greg. Love to have you. And I do love to ride the Gospel Train. It is truly my life!


This brought a smile to my face and I thought the sheep were singing kumbayah but that is just me.

I also think that given the number of cars passing the empire state building, that the incidence of car trouble is not particularly high.



Wow, that is amazing! I can’t believe the sheep would form that circle. . .it’s so odd! The Empire State Building incident is eerie too. . .I have no idea, but those crop circles get me creepy feeling too


Phoenix to the rest of the world: 5:00 Monday evening.

At this point I declare Jana the winner!

The winner of what, I hear you asking.

The winner of the contest I just now decided to have…perhaps the first time in history that a contest is announced after it is ended!
How do you like that?

It was a contest to see what those woolly sheep were singing. Definitely, it was “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” Love it. I can hear them now, low and high tones blending together as they chomp away, staying sure of the lovely circle and perfect harmony.

Now…about the Empire State Building…


You are all the way out of the park from left field with the TERROIST idea.

If they stop our cars! We will no longer need their oil.
The alien idea works better for me.

Merv i


Let’s beef this up. I think the sheep were having a spiritual moment. If you got real close, you could probably hear them singing, “Will the circle, be unbroken, by and by, Lord, by and by…” 🙂

Terrorists are plotting/experimenting to stop all vehicle activity. Or better yet, aliens live in the green spire and zap cars with threatening forces. 🙂

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Sis. Buxton and others;

The sheep.

Well I personally think it is very simple. The sheep found the tallest, the most tender and sweetest grass. The circle was just how the grass was growing. The sound of the tractor distracted them and way they went.

Looks like “wildstorm comes to the same answer.

Empire State Building effect.

Ten to fifteen cars a week, I would like to know how many cars pass within this perimeter each week, day or hour. I am of the opinion that it would be a small percentage of the total. If so, than things just happen to our cars with all this nice new computer systems that do make them nicer for us to use, yet accessible to strange things. Is or are the vehicles affected Fords, GM or Japanese or what.



If you leave feed in the shape of a circle, the sheep will appear like this. I’ve known people who do this kind of stunt just to see if anyone notices. It’s kind of weird looking from a distance.

Hi, Wind. Welcome to my site. Hope you’re here often.

Someone tricked the farmer, then? Did you read about the young man who planted a crop that spelled out a marriage proposal? Neat approach, I’d say.


Greetings. The link explaining the UFO account in Texas went nutty when I clicked on it. Nonetheless, I’m convince that much of what’s being reported is spiritual in nature as these are days of unimaginable deception.

Last night, I heard a former Air Force officer tell his account of coming across a landed UFO and for 45 minutes, he and his team took measurements, photos, and whatnot. The craft then silently lifted off the ground to treetop height and and hovered for a moment. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, it shot off into the sky and was gone. He said there was “no air displacement” and a craft with such massive dimentions would certainly disturb the ambience and create a sonic boom. In one account after another, these things defy the laws of physics.

These are strange times indeed. May we all draw closer to Jesus and know that he is our sure foundation in these most perilous of times.

Have a most blessed day in Jesus.


Hello, Timbob. You’ve hit on the revered “bottom-line.” “May we all draw closer to Jesus and know that he is our sure foundation in these most perilous of times.”

So true. Thanks for your visit and for your always timely comments.


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