It’s Snowing in Mississippi!

6 thoughts on “It’s Snowing in Mississippi!

  1. Yes, from Saskatchewan Canada, it has been SO cold, but they say it should warm up in the next few days, lets hope! Thank you so much for the compliments on my web design! And your welcome, you are already on my blogroll!

    Attention readers: If anyone is reading here who needs a new website or other design work, please go take a look at Sansoucy’s site. Her work is striking. (shirley)


  2. dean

    It is nippy here in SugarLand. We rather enjoy the change. We had snow a couple of years ago, the grand-daughters loved it!! Global warming seems to be political in its roots,but that is just me opining. And yes Linda, the scorching heat will be here soon enough. Peace

    A subject for a whole column is how global warming became a political football. I just don’t understand the connection.


  3. How exciting it is to have snow! I love it when we get it, especially since we don’t have it very often. It is cold here in Texas, but I am loving it. The scorching heat will be here soon enough.

    Good morning, Linda. Snow covered landscape is some of the most beautiful ever created. I love snow.


  4. Hmm, this extreme weather everywhere worries me! We have had QUITE a few snow storms so far this year too 😦

    From Canada, I suspect…and is it colder than usual?

    Your web site is absolutely beautiful. I love your designs. Thank you for being on my blog. Hope you’re here frequently.


  5. dean


    Dean, I thought to name my column something about global warming, but I think I’ve done that before and I don’t want to get too sarcastic…however, that we are causing global warming is the silliest thing I ever heard of.

    It’s global warming if it’s cold, if it’s hot, if we have wind, if we have drought, if we have floods, it we have tornadoes, if the Sahara is sandy….:)

    Is it cold in Texas? It’s freezing here in Lake Havasu–34 this morning.


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