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Mike Huckabee Plays Guitar in a United Pentecostal Church

Last Sunday, Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, visited a United Pentecostal church, The Apostolic Church, where he worshiped, addressed the congregation and played guitar in the band. Rev. Steve Warman is the pastor of this large, beautiful church in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Sarah Holland writes this account:

Pastor Warman had already announced his coming to the congregation in our morning service, so there was no warning when Governor Huckabee slid in with the band, and began to play the bass for praise and worship. After praise and worship, Governor Huckabee greeted the congregation. He spoke about abortion and marriage, and the importance of realizing the value of life. He spoke about how even if one’s intention is pure, but their definition of what is right is not right, then intention doesn’t matter. He was well spoken, but what impressed me was that he not only showed up early, but stayed late. Too often when politicians stop in for a visit, they leave before service ends. Governor Huckabee stayed through church, and then took time to visit with our congregation.

As I stated here, where we discussed at length Hillary Clinton’s speaking at Saddleback, I am not accustomed to having political candidates in our pulpits, although I know it is common in other areas of the country. Yet, to be honest, I must say if Mike Huckabee’s agent had called when Jerry pastored New Life Center in Rialto, saying he wanted to worship with us on a Sunday night, I would be hard-pressed to think, “No.” Once he was there in our sanctuary, it seems incomprehensible to refrain from asking him to address the audience.



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By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

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Hi, Paul. What a treat to hear from you.

Of course being a politician won’t keep us out of the great beyond. Only sin does that. So if we’re a politician who is free from sin, we’ll make it to heaven!

Isn’t that right? Sure hope I’m ready when my time comes. I’m planning that way.

Hope your family is well.



dear shirley, there’s certainly enough difference in our opinions regarding subjects such as this,what I’m wondering now is *****is just being a politician cause enough for the LORD to keep you out of the great beyond *****


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I don’t know whether Hillary has been in a UPC church or not. I figure so. Her husband was in the Arkansas Camp many times before he became president. He was in Anthony Mangun church in Alexandria La. Bro Mangun choir sang when Bill Clinton was put in the whitehouse. So I figure Hillary knows all about
the UPC. So Yes, I would let her speak if I had say so in my church. I thought that about Huckabee was great.

Hey, V. Glad to hear from you. I had heard that the Alexandria choir sang at Bill Clinton’s inauguration. That’s quite an honor. So you would let Hillary speak at Hilltop, huh? What do you think about her becoming president? Would that be a good choice for us?


great post, by the way I enjoy your blog.What a great way to introduce someone to the spirit of God.I agree with Sis. Allard, Its nice to have community leaders come to special events.

Nancy, welcome to my site. Hope you visit and comment here often, and hope you invite others also. Hello to your sweet hubby.


I have never been to a church service in which a national candidate was present. I have mixed feelings about it. I don’t think we can say, on the one hand, that they should be treated like any other guest and, on the other hand, that we would give them a position of honor.

I think I would prefer that we simply acknowledge them and any other visitors that happened to be there that day. Their presence probably speaks for itself.

Neither have I been in such a service, and as I have mentioned previously, I too have mixed feelings about the issue. But it seems it would be awkward to have such a person in your congregation and not ask them to address the audience.

Would the pastor of the church you attend, RGuy, invite the candidate to the platform?


One thing no one has written about. There is a difference between someone who calls and asks to come, someone who has been invited, and someone who just “show up.”

Someone who calls and asks probably wants to be allowed to speak. Someone who has been invited expects to speak. Someone who just “shows up” may want to speak and may just want to worship.

I presume any church would welcome any candidate who comes to worship and would welcome him/her as you would any other guest. As a guest at many church services, I have never been asked to speak other than to introduce myself and state where I live and normally worship. At that time, a candidate could state that he/she is running for office. I can’t see how that would ever be out of line or questioned by the church officials or other worshipers. To separate church entirely from state would not allow even this, (which is, of course, silly). This is quite different, however, from the scenario Shirley first described and quite different from feeling the need to “protect the pulpit.”

Absolutely, Helen, and since Jerry and I are starting a church here in Lake Havasu, AZ, I keep looking for John McCain to walk into our storefront sanctuary. He’s welcome. 🙂


We have invited and had local government figures (mayor, judge, etc.) to attend special services. We have them sit on the platform and ask them to address the congregation. Our people are always excited to “show” our way of worship. Without fail, the guest will make comment about enjoying our worship, the music, and always make good comments about our church and how it has positively affected our community. We don’t invite them for the purpose of preaching or spiritual instruction but as a local “honored position” to help celebrate our special occasion. If we do that, I don’t see any reason not to have a presidential candidate.

Jana, the important line in your post is this: ” We don’t invite them for the purpose of preaching or spiritual instruction but as a local “honored position” to help celebrate our special occasion.” Thank you for noting that.


I trust he enjoyed being the presence of Almighty God! Maybe he received something he needed. Who knows? I’m not crazy about politicians being there, but if they were I think it would be fine to have them speak. They can’t do too much harm with just a few words to the congregation. Surely, people who are strong in principles and who love God with all their hearts, and stand on HIS Word wouldn’t be swayed by a political speech. If so, they’re not very strong in belief. As far as “playing with the band”…..he just better be able to keep up with the “beat”! LOL!

Hi, Linda. Love your last line…”…he just better be able to keep up with the “beat!” I’m praying that the person who becomes our next President is such a one–one who can keep up with the beat. What a task is ahead of him/her.


Good evening Mervi, Helen and Tommyjoe:

If any serious candidate for the office of President of the United States would call our church and want to worship, I would feel honored. Once they were at the church service, I can’t imagine not asking them to address the audience. Bill can’t play. He’s not in the running. 🙂

Get myself in some sticky discussions, don’t I.

Recall that I would not be in charge of this scenario–would be sweet hubby who would make such decisions. He is the pastor, not I.

I also still insist that I am a bit uncomfortable with having politicians in the pulpit. Somehow it seems misplaced…certainly as a routine, regular affair.

Do right, everybody.


If Hillary Clinton’s (or Barack Obama’s) agent had called had called when Jerry pastored New Life Center in Rialto, saying she (he) wanted to worship with you on a Sunday night, would you also have been hard-pressed to think, “No”? And once she (he) was there in your sanctuary, would it have been incomprehensible to avoid asking her (him)to address the audience? Or is this about being like-minded, as in, male in pulpit, Pentecostal rather than Methodist (Baptist) and pro-life rather than pro-choice? Is it about learning or confirming what you already believe?
Bill Clinton plays a saxaphone. Can he play with the worship band?


I’d be there to listen to Huckabee were he to come to the place where I worship. Maybe he did come to seek votes, but perhaps he’d hear something said or someone who would expound unto him “the way of God more perfectly.” I think it commendable that he stayed as long as he did.


Personal Option!

Hillary was in or at the Saddleback church not as a segment of the worship. If I remember correctly it was a discussion group on something not really related to a church service. It seems that they had several different speakers that day with Hillary as one.
I can remember from when I was in the “Heart Land Country” many years ago that often at some of the larger meeting there would be political figures appear, governors, senators and majors. All with one thing in mind “show the Pentecostal peoples that we are a part of you.” Why? To seek votes in an election. Mr. Huckabee is a “Christian minister” so I personally can see him as a part of a church service a lot better, quicker with more ease that Hillary.

Yes, Sis. Buxton, we in this part of our fellowship are much more concretive than our brethren farther East.



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