Global Warming–Never Mind First Ever Snow in Baghdad

Astounding, simply astounding. From Dennis Prager, I was just made aware of this news alert by Reuters.

World warming despite cool Pacific, Baghdad snow
11 Jan 2008 11:48:39 GMT
Source: Reuters
“We are in a minor La Nina period which shows a little cooling in the Pacific Ocean,” Delju told Reuters. “The decade from 1998 to 2007 is the warmest on record and the whole trend is still continuing.” This year has started with odd weather including the first snows in Baghdad in memory on Friday and a New Year cold snap in India that killed more than 20 people. Frost hit some areas of Florida last week but orange groves escaped mostly unscathed. “
Despite studies showing myriad opposite conclusions, the left continues to persist in touting the danger of global warming and that human activity is the cause of this phenomenon. If it’s cold, it proves global warming, if it’s warm it proves global warming.
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5 thoughts on “Global Warming–Never Mind First Ever Snow in Baghdad

  1. Sis. Buxton:
    “First, is why it is the left that wants to believe this false notion of an artificially induced global warming.” My personal feeling is that the answer to your question might be found when you read an article by Cal Thomas called, First church of Global Warming.
    I am very interested in reading your comments on your second question. At this point in time I shall keep the main thrust of my feelings on this subject to myself.
    Have a great weekend;

    Good morning, Mervi. Thanks for the link. I haven’t had a chance to read the article, but I definitely will.


  2. I went to look at the site were a man is walking in Baghdad as snow falls. When we lived in Constantine – Algeria, it happened just like that, just a little more and we had some slush.But Baghdad is further south on the globe, and no record of snow EVER.
    There is no denying the drastic changes in global climate. Some say that the Tsunami contributed to it by so slightly jerking the whole earth’s axe. I tend to believe that.

    The issue, Catherine, is over very long periods of time, there has always been global warming…and global freezing. Think ice age. These changes are a natural life cycle, and have nothing–or little–to do with man’s interference.

    In passing this morning on the radio, I heard someone speak of climate changes on other planets, where (as far as we know) there are no people, thus no pollution, etc.

    When I was in Bible school in Tulsa, it snowed. My friend Abby is from Hawaii and had never seen snow. I will never forget her expression and her joy as we cavorted around in the beautiful snow that fell steadily from the darkened skies.


  3. renaissanceguy

    And if there’s a drought–global warming.

    And if there’s a flood–global warming.

    It goes on and on.

    RGuy–I have a couple of questions that relate to this: First, is why it is the left that wants to believe this false notion of an artificially induced global warming.

    The second which is much more emcompassing, and which I will write about when I can set myself down long enough to cogitate and research: How do people come up with such opposite conclusions and theories? I can’t get into all of my questions now, but it seems beyond genetics, family training, spiritual training, IQ, education…the list goes on. I’ll talk about this at length one time, but my column will be mostly questions, I fear.


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